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Top 25 Best Contemporary Romance Books

The Best Modern Romance Books

Contemporary romance, as a genre title, it’s pretty self-explanatory. These are tales of love and passion that reflect modern attitudes and sensibilities and are set in modern times. You won’t find any lords ripping off ladies’s bodices here, I’m afraid, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find incredibly hot sex scenes or deeply emotional stories. It’s just that instead of the Regency period or medieval Scotland, the settings are a cooking show, a ranch, or even just an apartment.

Although, with the lack of outdated social strictures, like arranged marriages and family name, it can sometimes be tricky to lead the hero and heroine in a will-they, won’t they dance that ends up in their happily ever after. Although class discrimination can be used, and is done so quite effectively in stories like Bared to You and somewhat in Blue-Eyed Devil, a whole new gamut of challenges is available to keep our lovers from sailing off into the sunset together too soon. War, disease, stalkers, insecurities, all of these conspire to keep the hero and heroine apart, though, in the end, you always know that they will get together.

Contemporary romances also feature some of the most kickass female characters imaginable. These women are not shrinking violets. They navigate snowstorms, rescue their heroes from terrorists, or are Olympic level athletes. The stories run the gamut from laugh-out loud funny like Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger to edge of your seat suspenseful like Worth Every Risk by Dianna Love Snell. These are stories not just about lovers but about the importance of family and friends. Even if you are a dyed in the wool historical romance fan, or if you are unsure about the romance genre at all, I guarantee you will find a title here that will grab your attention and take you on an emotional journey and leave you with a smile on your face.

John Rileys Girl is a classic kind of Sweet Home Alabama book. A 2005 RITA award winner, this is the story of Olivia Ashford is a successful TV anchor, on the verge of a promotion when she decides to attend her high school reunion in a fit of ennui with her life. Shes convinced that if she ties up all the loose ends that her sudden departure from her rural Virginia hometown that maybe shell actually be happy with all the awesome things that are going on in her life. Her high school boyfriend, that she never officially broke it off with before leaving, is, after 15 years, a widower, and obviously, since this is a romance, he never really got over Olivia.

He feels pretty guilty about this, all things considered, you know, having a wife and a daughter and all. Sparks fly when these two reconnect, and the book hits all the emotional points that romances involving long-lost high school sweethearts ought to. Part of the Harlequin SuperRomance series, John Rileys Girl is just that, a super romance, if youre looking for smokin hot sex scenes, look elsewhere. Coopers books are much more about the emotional payoff. You will laugh with these characters, cry with them, and enjoy their journey as they rediscover one another.

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Winner of the RITA for Best Romance of 1994 and a score of awards from Romance Readers Anonymous, including Best All-Time Contemporary Romance, It Had to Be You is the first book in the Chicago Stars series, and the Chicago Stars are a football team that the main character Phoebe Somerville has just inherited in this flirty, fun romance. Her belittling father dies, leaving her the new owner of the Chicago Stars on the condition that the team win the AFC Championship. Phoebes determined to prove herself; the only thing standing in her way is the sexist alpha male coach Dan Calebow.

Hes worked hard to get to his position, and hes not about to let Phoebe ruin it. Sparks and witty dialogue fly between these two as they move past their petty differences and discover the personality under each others tough exteriors. Though the characters seem unlikable, Phillips deftly coaxes you rooting for their relationship, as you will also be rooting for the team. A lot of this comes from seeing the past that each of these characters has been affected by and how they each allow that past to determine their decisions. Plus, it helps that these two have so much chemistry, whether its their lively banter or their steamy love scenes, you are never in doubt that, though they may not know it, Phoebe and Dan are meant for each other.

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Winner of the 2003 RITA for Best Contemporary Romance and the 2002 Romantic Times Award for Best Womens Fiction, No Place Like Home weaves together a tale of many different kinds of love. Jewel Sabatino left her hometown of Pueblo, CO 23 years ago on the back of her rocker boyfriends motorcycle, in what she considered was a blaze of glory, and what her family considered a huge scandal. Her years in New York City have not been easy. She has watched that same boyfriend self-destruct, and now, shes got a teenage son, who she worries will follow in his fathers footsteps.

Her best friend, Michael, is dying of AIDS, and she is about to lose her apartment. Fortune, or possibly fate in the form of a farm left to her by her aunt forces Jewel, Michael, and Jewels son, Shane to return to Pueblo, but unlike Jewel, her family and the town, has not moved on from her hasty exit. No Place Like Home shines in portraying the relationships between the characters. The tension between Jewel and her family is well drawn in that readers can easily see how differently Jewels family views her. Of course, theres also the romance! Michaels brother, Malachi, arrives in Pueblo to spend his brothers last days with him. Malachi is everything that Jewel could want, a motorcycle-riding bad boy who gets her, and their relationship sizzles with tension and chemistry.

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Have a box of tissues on hand for this one, and not necessarily for the romance. A lot is going on in the 2013 RITA Award winner, The Way Back Home. Its a book that explores grief, and of course, because its a romance novel, love. Alicia Hayden is not in the best place. Her family business of providing white-water rafting tours is in jeopardy. Her father was seriously injured in a rafting accident that killed her best friends fiance. Her best friend, and in fact, the whole town blame her for the incident, and a competing national chain is moving in. All her hopes are pinned on the day that her twin brother, Rob, returns from serving in the Marines.

You can guess what happens next sadly. Rob doesnt return home. Instead, his best friend Gabe arrives. Gabe promised Rob that he would help keep the family business afloat (see what I did there?). Of course, Gabe and Alicia are not strangers, much as she might wish they were. The two of them had a brief but passionate affair, but Gabe left without any kind of explanation. Alicia works through her anger and grief, and the attraction that shes always felt toward Gabe never really left. Will their relationship rekindle with so much threatening the life around them? A suspenseful subplot revolving around Alicias family business will draw you in and keep you guessing, and be warned: this fast-paced book will yank mercilessly on your heartstrings.

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2012 RITA Award winner and 2011 Romantic Times Harlequin Presents Award Winner, Doukakiss Apprentice weaves the tale of two opposites that fall in love over a hostile takeover. Polly Prince couldnt be more different from her new boss Damon Doukakis. Where he is a businessman who operates with a ruthless efficiency, Polly treats employees like family, pretty much because she was raised by them. When Damon learns that his beloved younger sister has run off with Pollys father, hes determined to take revenge by ruining Prince Advertising.

When he first meets Polly, in her flamboyant pink tights, he writes her off as just another flighty socialite, but he gives her a chance to prove herself. Damon soon realizes that he underestimated Polly, and he is drawn to her intelligence and creativity. Tension between the two sparks as both acknowledge the difficult situation their relationship is placed in. With both the business and the family situation to deal with, Polly and Damon face some pretty tough odds, not to mention their clashing personalities, but in the tradition of Harlequin romances, our feisty heroine eventually snares her man. Morgan pairs a taut business and family drama with a witty and fun romance making this a must read!

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Winner of the 2005 RITA, Bet Me is a fast-paced, seriously funny romance. Minerva Dobbs is dumped three weeks before her sisters wedding. Granted, she knew that David was never a keeper. Hes actually a total creep throughout the novel, but she was at least hoping to make it last long enough for her to have a date for the wedding. After the breakup, she overhears David make a bet with a successful playboy that frequents the bar where he breaks up with her. David bets Cal $10,000 that he wont be able to sleep with Minerva in a months time.

Min sees her chance for revenge and also a great-looking prospective date for her sisters wedding. What she doesnt see is the possibility of true love developing between Cal and herself. Min is the kind of girl that every woman can identify with. Shes got issues with her weight and an overbearing mother. Shes smart, witty, and brutally honest, but shes also brutally honest with herself when she thinks that theres no way that Cal can really be attracted to her. Lucky for all of us, he is and the love story that unfolds between the two is filled with sexual tension, snarky barbs, and misunderstandings. Its just the kind of love story that everyone hopes to find themselves in.

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The first in the Lucky Harbor Trilogy, Simply Irresistible is just that, simply irresistible. Our leading mans name is Jax Cullen. Jax is riding his motorcycle when our clumsy heroine nearly runs him off the road. Of course, you cant really blame Maddie, shes going through a lot. She had it pretty rough. In L.A. where she dumped her abusive boyfriend, an act of awesomeness which unfortunately also got her fired. So, shes pretty much screwed money-wise when she heads up to Lucky Harbor to check out the inn that her mother left her and her half-sisters.

The middle child, she serves as the peacemaker between Tara, her strong-willed sister, and Chloe, who is a bit of a wild child. While her sisters just want to sell the inn and leave, Maddie is determined to make a life from it. Of course that all starts with renovations, which the inn is desperately in need of, and Maddie ends up hiring the very hottie that she nearly ran over. Of course, Maddie is determined never to have anything to do with guys ever again, but her resolve eventually weakens because, well, Jax is so sweet and swoon-worthy. This isnt just a sweet love story, though. The sex scenes in this book could melt the winter snow of Lucky Harbor. Its easy to see why Simply Irresistible was the 2011 RITA award winner. Definitely pick this up, if you love small town romances, drool-worthy heroes, and awesome sisters.

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Catherine Mann can weave a tight suspense story with her sizzling romances. Winner of the 2003 RITA, Taking Cover is the second book in her Wingmen Warriors series. While some of the characters from the first book in the series, Graysons Surrender, make appearances, this is the story of Captain Tanner Bronco Bennett, a hot-shot pilot whose last mission left him with excruciating back pain. He is forced to visit the flight surgeon, Kathleen O Connell, whom hes had a thing for since their first meeting years ago at the Air Force Academy.

Despite his protestations, she grounds him until his injuries heal, and when he refuses to go to the hospital, Kathleen is given charge of the arrogant pilot. Their arguments reach the ears of their superiors who worry about it becoming a morale issue, and so Bronco and Kathleen are assigned to investigate a C-17 crash in the California desert. They must travel together, work together, and learn to like each other. Their jobs depend on it. Of course, as this is a romance, we know that they learn much more than that, and their chemistry,like the desert sun, is scorching. This is a novel that will have you swooning on the edge of your seat.

Books in Wingmen Warriors... Series (17)

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Higgins skillfully treads the line between chick lit and romance in the 2008 RITA award winning Catch of the Day. This is the story of Maggie Beaumont, who has been pretty unlucky in love. Her high school sweetheart strung her along all through college, only to publicly dump her in their small town home when he had his first taste of success. Her most recent escapade has caused her even more embarrassment. Unconscious of his profession, she developed a huge crush on the local priest. After a little too much to drink, Maggie confesses her feelings for Father Tim to half the town, before realizing that hes the priest.

This prompts Father Tim and a fellow priest to start playing matchmaker for Maggie. Through a series of pretty disastrous dates, Maggie keeps an upbeat attitude until she meets sexy, yet aloof lobsterman, Malone. The romance that develops between Maggie and Malone is understated, yet definitely swoon-worthy. The sex scenes dont heat up the sheets, but that doesnt hinder this sweet story. In addition to the romance, theres also the story of Maggies relationships with her sister, whom has been lucky in love and has a family, her mom, who reminds her constantly that shes not getting any younger, and her beloved dog. While the romance will definitely tug on your heartstrings, Catch of the Day offers so much more in Maggies story.

Books in Gideon's Cove Series (3)

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Winner of the 2003 Golden Heart Award and the 2006 RITA, Worth Every Risk is an edge of your seat adventure and a scorching romance rolled into one. Having done jail time after trusting her father, Angel Farentino is no stranger to trouble. After landing her dream job with Mason Lorde, she thought she was done with trouble, but when she discovers that Masons business dealings are far from above board, she finds herself running for her life. Escaping from her bosss North Carolina home, Angel stows away on the plane of undercover DEA agent Zane Jackson, whos posing as a charter pilot.

Neither is who they claim to be, but each feels like they must protect the other. Zane is the perfect ruggedly handsome hero, and Angel is not only beautiful but competent. This is a heroine who trains for triathlons. The danger is palpable, and the romance is scorching, and though neither Angel nor Zane is who they appear, they never completely lie to each other. Instead, each tell half-truths in an effort to protect the other from the danger in their lives. Of course, danger is going to find them, and thats what makes this an edge of your seat ride, instead of just typical scorcher.

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If youre looking for a fun, hot romance, look no further than Rachel Gibsons RITA award winning, True Confessions. Hope Spencer is a L.A. tabloid reporter who blows into the small town of Gospel, Idaho like a tornado. Shes on the run from some unfortunate events in her recent past and decides that the town is the perfect place to lay low for awhile and reconnect with her muse. She keeps her profession a secret, but that doesnt keep the local sheriff, Dylan Taber, from recognizing that shes trouble.

With a young son to care for and a secret of his own, he knows that he should stay away from the sexy writer, but, in true romance fashion, he just cant seem to. Whenever theres trouble, Hope seems to be in the thick of it. Hope cant deny her attraction to the extremely eligible and easy on the eyes Sheriff, even if romance is the last thing on her mind. Eventually, each gives into their attraction, and their romance steams up the pages. There are a few rocky points in their relationship when their past catches up with them, but all in all this is a light, fun read that sizzles.

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Fay Robinsons debut novel, A Man Like Mac, creates a hero that every romance reader wishes there were more of. Winner of the 2001 RITA for First Book Award, A Man Like Mac tells of how a world-class runner, Keely Wilson suffers a terrible accidents, damaging her legs and lungs. Doctors are convinced that Keely will never be able to run again, but Keely is determined. So, she seeks out her high school coach, a man that she idolized, for help. John Mac McCandless is that man, but shes shocked to find that hes now in a paraplegic. At first, Mac agrees with the doctors that Keely wont be able to run at an Olympic level again, but her determination inspires him to help her. Slowly, their relationship grows.

This is a sweet love story with a heroine that is learning to come to grips with herself. At times, Keely can be grating, but its Mac who steals the show in this book.. What makes Mac amazing is that unlike most romance novel heroes with a disability, Mac doesnt dwell on it. Hes not bitter or angry and just waiting for the heroine to turn his life around and make him realize that everything is not so bad. Instead, hes processed all of that, and hes comfortable in his own skin and has a great community of supportive friends. Pretty soon, you will be wishing that you had, a man like Mac.

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A Gift for All Seasons is a little bit of holiday magic. April is a widow looking to open an inn. Her cousins are incredibly supportive of the plan, but her mother is less so. While she and her cousins are working on the house, she runs into Patrick. Patrick comes from a large, supportive family, but he has scars of his own, both physical and emotional. Having recently returned from deployment in Iraq, Patrick is suffering from PTSD and a horribly scarred face. His wife recently left him, and now, he believes that he is damaged goods.

Of course, hes attracted to April, but how could she possibly be attracted to him. When April hires Patrick as her new landscape gardener, neither of them can deny the magnetic pull that is growing between them, bt as April desperately tries to pull closer, Patrick just as desperately pulls away. Their romance is a dance filled with magic, as Patrics family pulls for them to get together. While the story could waltz into some saccharine territory, Templetons signature humor keeps things light. With its sunny heroine and its hunky, but aloof hero, A Gift for All Seasons is a holiday treat.

Books in Summer Sisters Series (3)

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Recipe for Love is a delightful confection which snared Katie Fforde the 2013 Romantic Novelists Association Award. A colorful concoction of contemporary romance and chick lit, Recipe for Love beings when Zoe Harper snags a spot on a televised cooking competition. This story is Master Chef with a romantic angle, but if cooking shows are not your style, dont worry, theres still plenty to enjoy in this novel. Zoe is sweet, cheerful, and helpful, and she hopes to use the large amount of prize money awarded in the show to open a deli. Its her helpfulness that leads her to assist a grumpy motorist who is stuck in a ditch.

This handsome man turns out to be a judge on the show, Gideon Irving. Zoe is determined to keep her ever-growing crush on the delicious judge under wraps. One thing stands in her way, her devious roommate, Cher, a fame-seeker who is determined to win the competition at any cost. Her constant efforts to sabotage Zoe actually lead her into Gideons arms. The will-they, wont-they is only heightened as the competition draws to a close. Filled with a delightful cast of characters that cause some genuine laugh out loud moments, Recipe for Love is a delectable treat that any reader will enjoy.

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Adios to My Former Life is a YA novel that was hotly contested when it won the 2007 RITA for Best Contemporary Romance. This tale of young love and self-discovery stars 17 year old, Ali Montero, a musician who secretly auditions for a chance on the reality TV series, Oye Me Canto, a Latin American Idol. Shes surprised when she gets a call from Jaime, the hot college intern on the show, telling her that shes a finalist. Of course, now, shes got to break the news to her father who expects her to become a music professor like himself.

Then, theres her budding romance with Jaime. Miraculously, shes allowed to continue in the show, but with treacherous competition and wildly adoring fans arent all that Ali signed up form. Is she ready to pay the price of fame, which may mean saying Adios to normal life? For a YA, the love story between Ali and Jaime is hot. The music competition and Alis growth and the development of the relationship with her father are all just icing on the cake. Its easy to see why this story won the RITA. Theres even a hint of romance in Alis fathers life, and refreshingly, Ali doesnt react to it as a typical YA heroine.

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The 2010 RITA Award winning, The Soldier's Secret Daughter is the first book in the Top Secret Deliveries series. Its an amazing start to a series which deals with spies and other operatives being reunited with their families. In The Soldiers Secret Daughter, Jagger is such as spy sent to try and infiltrate AbaCo, a shipping company that is a suspected front for a terrorist organization, to search for two missing agents. He is lucky to happen upon accountant, Emily Grainger, as she is heading to the staff Christmas party. After a passionate evening together, Emily awakes to find Jagger gone.

Two years go by and Emily receives a mysterious email informing her that things are not what they seem at AbaCo, and that Jagger is being held by them. She finds him, and helps him escape, but in the intervening two years, hes blamed her for his capture. Will the two ever find their way back to each other again? And how will Jagger react when Emily tells him that he has a young daughter? The Soldiers Secret Daughter is a steamy mix of romance and suspense. If youre looking for an exciting story that is filled with passion, look no further.

Books in Top Secret Deliv... Series (6)

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Helen Brennas debut novel, the 2008 RITA award winning Treasure, is an interesting premise in a sea of contemporary romances. Museum curator, Annie Miller has been carrying around he Santidad Cross for 10 years, shortly after her parents discovered it. Annie believes that the cross is cursed and blames the artifact for the death of her parents. Shed like nothing more than to get rid of it. So, when Jake Rawlings asks for her help in finding her parents old dive site, the Spanish galleon, La Concha, to help his familys struggling marine salvage business, Annie is only too happy to help.

Theres just one catch. She wants to join Jakes crew. As they set sail, theyll have to deal with hurricanes and rival treasures hunters, and their growing attraction toward one another. Will they founder, or will they find treasure? And will the treasure be what they are expecting? You will get caught up in the excitement of the treasure hunt even as you are engulfed in the tension between Jake and Annie. You will sail through the pages rooting for their happily ever after. If you like adventure and high-seas romance, be sure to pick this up. Its a treasure.

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Next up is a bodice ripper for those of you out there who just love strong women. Our heroine, Sara Bishop, is a fiery Irish country lass who is chosen to be married by proxy to a ships captain favoured by the queen, Captain (now Lord) Shane Hawkshurst. Shane does not really want a wife so when required to carry out his promise to his father that he would marry he plans to have his brother dump her in one of his estates and never even meet his wife. Saras plan though is an entirely different under the assumed name of Sabre Wilde she plans to go to court, meet and seduce her husband, become his mistress and the eventually have her revenge by making him her love slave.

This is a woman who really knows how to get what she wants! Its a fantastic thing to see such a fiercely independent and active heroine in a bodice ripper, and Henleys skill in storytelling is breath-taking; she puts a lot of work into historic detail and penning a plot that is captivating and complex. The sex scenes are written in a way that is oddly elegant, classy and yet sexy unique and the way in which the characters act in these situations makes sense for their personalities and the purpose it serves to the overall story. This level of work and dedication in addition to the pure awesomeness that is Sara Sabre Wilde Bishop makes The Hawk and the Dove an unforgettable read.

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Ruthie Knox knows how to write seriously messed up characters whose issues cause the tension that creates the will-they, wont-they pull of a contemporary romance novel. The 2013 RITA finalist, About Last Night is no exception to the rule. Mary Catherine Cath Talarico is a reformed bad girl. Shes in London, working on a knitting exhibit with the Victoria and Albert Museum and trying to clean up her act. On the train to work, she spots a handsome, urbane businessman whom she nicknames City. She makes up a mostly untrue backstory about him in her head, including that he would never be attracted to someone like her.

Imagine her surprise when she wakes up after a night of drinking, in Citys apartment. City is actually named Nev Chamberlain, and when he found Cath wandering drunk and lost, she refused to tell him where she lived. So, he took her back to his apartment. There is an insta-lust between these two, and Nev is just as complicated as Cath, if not as troubled. He comes from a wealthy family who expects him to toe the line in their banking business, though his passion is painting. Knox could have gone for the several easy tropes, but instead, she gives us a story of two people who rescue each other and also come to terms with themselves. Its a fun, steamy read that hearkens back to historical romances with Nevs family trying to pull the strings in their relationship.

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The 2004 RITA nominated Running Wild is the second collaboration between romance greats Linda Howard and Linda Jones. First in the Men from Battle Ridge series, this is the story of Zeke Decker and Carlin Reed. Carlin is on the run from a very crafty stalker. Shes tried to turn him into the police, but he works with them. Hes also a skilled hacker. So, she has to leave no trace: no bank account, no W-2, nothing that can tie her to a place. Shes left clues that she loves the sunny beaches of Florida in hopes that he will follow her trail that way and heads in the exact opposite direction, ending up in Battle Ridge Wyoming.

After working as a waitress, her boss tells her about a local cattle ranch owner who is looking for a cook/housekeeper. Carlin takes the job, and as she becomes comfortable with the ranch, she and its owner, Zeke, gradually fall in love. If youre looking for a love story with a slow burn, this is it. Carlin is understandably wary of falling in love, and Zeke has his own history to deal with as they slowly maneuver toward their happily ever after. Light suspense runs through the whole story, not only with the threat of the stalker but other sources as well. This is a slow, sweet love story with just a hint of danger.

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If youre looking for a dramatic teen romance, be sure to pick up Slammed. The title deals with poetry slams which feature heavily in the novel. When 18 year old Laykens father dies, her mother relocates them all from Texas to Michigan. Layken is miserable and missing Texas until she meets the hot neighbor whose brother has just befriended her own. Theres an instant attraction between Layken and the responsible Will who is 21 and takes care of his younger brother after the death of their parents.

Then, Layken is embarrassed to discover that the hottie across the street is actually her poetry teacher. Of course, that pretty much means a relationship for these two is out of the cards, at least for the time being, but as the drama in Laykens life begins to multiply, the steady Will is the person that she increasingly turns to. Theres a lot going on in this fast-paced romance, and you will be hooked by the tension, not only between Layken and Will but also all of the other things that are going on in her life. Slammed is a sweet romance that will have you laughing one moment and weeping then next. Be sure to read this with a box of tissues handy.

Books in Slammed Series (3)

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Blue-Eyed Devil is the second book in the Traviss series, but it could easily be read as a stand-alone. Haven Travis is the star of this story, who against her fathers wishes marries her college sweetheart, Nick Tanner. Unfortunately, Nick turns out to be an abusive asshole. Finally, Haven reaches her breaking point, and calls her family for help. Her brother Gage swoops in to save the day, but the last thing that Haven needs is another domineering man in her life. Slowly, she picks up the pieces, going to therapy and working for her brother Jake.

Thats where the titular blue-eyed devil, Hardy Cates, comes in. Readers of the Traviss series will be familiar with Cates from the first book, Sugar Daddy, but they may not be familiar with his more redeeming qualities which are put on full display in this book. Hes full of the manliness and sensuality of an alpha hero, but hes also incredibly sensitive and tender. Hes got his own demons that he faced to climb to the top of the Houston social scene. Hardy and Havens chemistry is palpable as their relationship blossoms, though it grows in fits and starts. If youre looking for a sweet romance with scenes that will cause your heart to flutter, this is a must read.

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Beautiful Disaster is exactly what the title implies. This book will leave you twisted up inside. When Abby Abernathy attends Eastern University, shes determined to reinvent herself. Shes a good girl trying to get distance from her dark past. When her best friend invites her to an underground fight ring, she discovers the campus ladies man, Travis Maddox. Hes charming, muscular, and covered in tattoos. Abby is convinced that she is not the girl for him, but Travis sets his sights on Abby. It would be easy enough to avoid him if he werent her best friends boyfriends roommate, or her on-again, off-again boyfriends frat brother. Eventually, Abby and Travis become friends and then more.

The reason that this novel is so great is because of its intensity. Travis and Abby are almost literally crazy about each other, and while youre reading the book, youre invested in their emotional roller coaster, rooting for them, even though, you know that, in real life, their relationship would raise some serious red flags. Thats why it will twist you up. On one hand, youre rooting for their happily ever after, but at the same time, you realize that these two people are completely not right for each other. Its a deliciously guilty pleasure. Beautiful Disaster is the first book in the Disaster series and is told from Abbys point of view. For more of this thrilling ride, also check out Walking Disaster, told from Traviss point of view.

Books in Beautiful Series (2)

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Wallbanger is as laugh-out-loud funny as it is smoking hot. Caroline has found the apartment of her dreams, and sadly lost her O. Of course, the apartment turns out to be not quite so awesome when she hears the Wallbanger next door, a man whose bed is rockin so much that that it literally bangs the wall directly behind her own bed. Through the thin wall, she hears her neighbors conquests, even to the point of women meowing. One night, Caroline has had ENOUGH, and she does go aknockin. She confronts her neighbor, only to discover that he is gorgeous and she is still in her pink baby doll nightgown.

It is one of the most awkward moments, and yet the description of the wallbanger: HOT! The wallbanger is named Simon, and he and Caroline share mutual friends. So, the two strike up a friendship. Its refreshing to see a friendship that develops in a romance novel as opposed to insta-love. While the attraction is there, the will-they, wont-they tension leads to some very clever banter, and some very sensual baking scenes. Caroline is understandably wary of becoming yet another conquest, and each of them have some issues of their own to deal with before they finally seal the deal, but thats what makes this story not only funny and hot, but also sweet. If youre looking for a romance that will leave you blushing and grinning ear to ear, youve got to try Wallbanger!

Books in Cocktail Series (4)

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If youre looking for a HOT contemporary romance, pick up Bared to You because this one is a scorcher! Twenty four year old Eva Trammel has just moved cross country to start her job at an advertising firm. She sees a man, whom she dubs Dark and Dangerous, before she even starts when shes checking out her new office building. Then, she sees him again on the first day, and then, she starts seeing him everywhere. This is the preternaturally wealthy, and supernaturally gorgeous Gideon Cross, who is just as attracted to Eva as she is to him.

After a business meeting, he inquires as to whether shes seeing anyone, but not in the politest of ways. Eva is both turned on and offended, and though shed like nothing more than to screw his brains out, she clearly doesnt want to be courted in such a brusque, business like manner. Of course, we all know that they get together. Each of them needs each other because each provides something that the other has been desperately lacking after being scarred by a painful past. There are a lot of familiar tropes here, but that doesnt make Bared to You any less enjoyable. Eva is a woman who knows her own mind and doesnt take shit from Gideon, which was refreshing. This is definitely a must read for anyone that liked 50 Shades of Grey.

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