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Top 25 Best Paranormal Romance Books

The Best Romance with the Supernatural

If romance between two ordinary humans bores you, and you prefer your love stories with a supernatural edge, you’re in the right place! Whether it’s vampires, werewolves,faeries, ghosts or any other manner of supernatural being that pushes your buttons, we’ve got exactly what you need. So sit tight and get cosy up with our 25 smouldering and sweet paranormal love stories.

Okay, so I gotta mention this one first before everyone gets on my case the popular sensation that is Twilight, the epicentre of the entire genre as it stands, subject of ridicule and reverence in almost equal measure. Praised for its deep, emotional, love story, yet simultaneously mocked for its lack of credibility and repetitive dialogue, Twilight is a true crowd-splitter. Nonetheless it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a list of the greatest paranormal romances without mentioning Edward and his sparkly kindred.

Twilight has provided for women and teenage girls across the world those things they want the most; communicative men who talk about their feelings and are devoted beyond any level of reality. Throw in the fact that they are gorgeous vampires, and that there are also hunky werewolves that feel the same way and it makes for compelling reading (for some). If there is nothing else to praise Meyer for, she at least deserves a cheer for being able to figure out what it is that a (rather unbelievable) majority of women want, and giving them precisely that.

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Next we move on to the story of Nora Grey, the average high school student who is about to have her life changed by classroom seating arrangements. Seated next to the dangerous (and stupidly named) Patch Cipriano, a guy who she becomes creeped out by and turned on by at the same time. What's Patch's big secret? I'll tell you now dear readers it is that he is in fact... an ANGEL! Yes, a proper fallen angel who is now in love with and stalking our Grey heroine.

It's the stuff of true romance, right?! Okay, so this book has taken a page directly out of the Stephanie Meyer Paranormal Romance Novel Writing Manual, but it kinda works. The characters are a little annoying and unbelievable, but this is a book that those who love it reaaalllly love almost as creepily and obsessively as Patch himself. If you love paranormal romance and haven't read Hush Hush yet, give it a go; chances are if you find something you like in the first chapter or two, this book will have you hooked until the very end.

Books in Hush, Hush Series (5)

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Okay, we're stepping out of the young adult section now and right into super sexy, violent and ber-grown-up territory with the first book in Charlaine Harris' much-loved Sookie Stackhouse series. Our leading lady, Sookie, is a cocktail waitress in a small bar in a small town, she's not that special oh, apart from the fact that she can read minds (yeah, not a big deal, eh Sook?). Unfortunately, it makes it hard for her to date, since nearly every guy is a creep and it turns out that really, you never want to hear what men are thinking (go figure!) - so of course she's delighted when she meets Bill, a guy who is drop dead gorgeous and whose mind she can't read. Little does she realise though, there's a big emphasis on the dead; Bill is a vampire, and one with a bad, bad reputation. Sookie becomes entangled in Bill's mysterious and dangerous world, and the two of them try to figure out who is murdering Bon Temps citizens whilst trying to pursue their budding romance. This is a truly interesting and original series, winning the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original (2002), and adapted into the hugely popular HBO series, True Blood. If you're a fan of the series and want to see where it all began, or love vampires, danger and lotsa sex, then delve into Sookie's world.

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Anita Blake is a vampire hunter, and animator, she raises the dead so that the police can question them and helps solve paranormal homicide cases. She's morally black and white, clear on what's wrong. Miss Blake kills monsters, but the lines become blurred as she meets the sexy Jean-Claude; seductive, charming vampire who owns a vampire strip club. She can resist his charms, but she needs to work with him if she's going to solve the case she's on.

Refreshingly for a heroine, Anita is not a delicate and polite woman, she's arrogant, rude and says whatever she wants. Or at least, this is what Anita is before the later instalments of her series where she becomes a nymphomaniac who will fuck anyone (vampires or monsters included). Read this series at its best with the first few instalments and fans of the series should definitely go back and see Anita in her glory days, it's truly wonderful stuff. How could it not be when it comes complete with a French vampire, a lesbian werewolf and a 5'3 woman who kicks serious ass in gorgeously bloody style?!

Books in Anita Blake, Vam... Series (25)

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Our next offering is less like paranormal romance, and more like paranormal ass-kicking fiction with a dose of romance. The protagonist, Catherine Kathleen Crawford (better known as Cat), is a half vampire half human who has become a vampire hunter as a result of her mother's prejudice towards all vampires. Then she meets Bones (real name: Crispin Phillip Arthur Russell III... Really?!) who teaches her that not all vampires are bad, and that vampires are not the only supernatural beings that are real.

The world that Cat finds herself in is a believable one into which the vampire mythos fits well, and there's even the vampire version of the creation vs. evolution debate! In a way, our heroine is a lot like famous vampire slayer Buffy, a woman who trains hard and works hard to get to the vamps, and is believably capable of taking them down. Even more thankfully, the romance is not overplayed, and isn't filled with childish mind games, the vampire not acting like a manipulative teen, but instead as one would expect an ages-old vampire to. All in all, Halfway to the Grave is a fantastic novel; filled with gloriously graphic and gory action scenes, mildly steamy romance and a good number of laugh-out-loud moments and funny one-liners, it's the perfect series for those looking for an ass-kicking heroine and some vampire lovin'.

Books in Night Huntress Series (7)

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It's vampires yet again (we will get to other supernatural/paranormal beings, I promise!) as we open up to Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series with its first instalment: Dark Lover. As the title suggests, the novel's primary focus is romance and it has this in bucket loads. It's a beautifully written romance, complete with everything you need for a successful paranormal romance; a sexy tormented hero and a heroine who is just perfect for him. If you want alpha males, look no further as every single male in the brotherhood is a menacing muscle-man.

The greatest of them however, and our main protagonist is Wrath, the only purebred vampire left of the planet, and a very reluctant King that the Brotherhood have sworn their allegiances to and fight alongside until the day he ascends the throne. All of the guys are significantly hunky, tortured and sexy, despite which they still make a satisfyingly eclectic bunch. Our heroine of this tortured romance is Beth, a half vampire who doesn't know that she's got vampiric blood. Her initial encounter with Wrath is hot and electric, and the sparks never stop flying as he takes on the role of her protector and guides her through the process of the change (into a vampire, not the menopause). For fans of paranormal romance this is an absolute must-read; filled with action, sexual tension and a hint of mystery, Dark Lover is truly addictive fare.

Books in Black Dagger Bro... Series (15)

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Right, I promised we'd leave the vampires alone for a bit, so let's get to it! We're out of the dark world of the vampires and into an equally dark world of the faes (fairies). Forget thoughts of Tinkerbell though, these fae are dangerous creatures. When Mac sets out to discover who murdered her sister, she is thrust into the faes' world, and comes face to face with their cruel, ruthless and terrifying nature, and it is on the trail in Dublin where she meets the mysterious bookshop owner, Jericho Barrons, a guy who knows more than he's letting on, and is soon to be Mac's love interest. Their romance blooms on a dark background of Faeries, magic and the Sinsar Dubh, the book of

Fae's darkest secrets. In the wrong hands, it could mean the end of us all... 'dun dun duuuuuuuuunnn!!!' Jericho is a delightful antihero, a classic bad boy, but sharp and intelligent, sarcastic and manipulative. Nonetheless he saves the life of our heroine, and their dynamic is wonderful to witness, part teacher and student, partly antagonistic, and dripping with sexual chemistry. Darkfever is a glorious concoction of dark elements, humour, the appeal of an ancient, foreign city that is richly described, a deep and likeable heroine, and very scary, intense adversaries. This book brings to the table everything that fans of paranormal romance novels need; a bit of mystery and crime, a historically rich fantasy world complete with tons of folklore and the kind of men that conjure some dark (and sexy) thoughts.

Books in Fever Series (9)

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Next is a novel for those of you out there who love creature diversity in their paranormal romance we have for you a wide selection! Shape shifters, werewolves, gremlins, vampires and more! All in the world of Mercy Thompson, the mechanic who can shift into the form of a coyote at will. Her myriad connections to other supernatural beings are about to get Mercy into big trouble in a glorified mystery plot that is interesting along the way, but comes up a little short and boring in the end. This aside, Briggs has a nice and addictive writing style, and even if her world building is pretty stock-standard, the novel still makes for a fun read.

The only real disappointment of Moon Called is that the characters stories all tend to blend together; none of the heroines really stick out, they are all strong, bad-ass intelligent women, they all have super powers and all attract the eye of some delicious man candy. The men, whilst all individual and definitely a more interesting bunch than the ladies are also all kind of same-y; they are all completely dominant, macho men who will walk all over their women if they aren't met with attitude. Nonetheless this is a hugely enjoyable novel in spite of its (almost) cookie cutter cast. Mercy is the best of the bunch, and she really makes reading this book worthwhile, she is a likeable and engaging tomboy who is not severely overpowered and invincible, but can definitely hold her own in a fight. Whilst Moon Called provides nothing fresh or new to the paranormal romance genre, it is an intriguing and absorbing novel that is hard to put down.

Books in Mercy Thompson Series (10)

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Okay, we're back to vampires again (sorry!) with what is basically a vampire high school novel; complete with bitchiness, cliques and super-hot but absolutely obnoxious guys. Rose is a Dhampir (a half human bodyguard for vampire royalty) for her best friend Lisa, a Moroi Vampire Princess with an unbreakable bond to the earth's magic who must be protected at all times from Strigoi; the fiercest and most dangerous of the vampires. Rose becomes involved with another protector but their relationship is complicated... well, forbidden actually, because they are both set to be Lissa's protectors when Lissa and Rose graduate.

Their chemistry is so thick and vibrant; you can actually feel it when you read. Heck, Dimitri's character itself has enough chemistry to visibly spark from the pages. Rose herself exceedingly likeable - not because she is strong or smart, but because she is sharply honest, and sarcastic. She knows how to stand up for herself and her best friend, she knows when to crack a joke and when to keep it for herself, and she knows the difference between punching someone and making a point. This is what makes the book so enjoyable, and a fantastic start to a series that is both exciting and heart wrenching, and one that anyone who loves paranormal romance would be stupid to miss out on!

Books in Vampire Academy Series (6)

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At the opening of Angels Blood we join our sexy, badass new heroine vampire hunter Elena Deveraux as she embarks on a new hunt. This time enlisted by the Archangel Raphael to track another archangel gone bad. In the midst of the trail of bodies that Elena follows to her target she also has to deal with the advances of the dazzlingly sexy, yet oftentimes cruel Raphael, and Nalini Singh does a masterful job of maintaining the balance between these two aspects of his personality.

The relationship between these two powerful people is purely addictive reading, and Singhs power of description makes this book shine out from the rest of the paranormal romance fiction out there. Furthermore, she creates a villain who is truly powerful and terrifying without having to thrust him into the story at every opportunity; the trail of havoc and carnage he leaves behind him is enough to create the sense of fear. Whilst Angels Blood brings nothing entirely new to the table, Nalini Singhs talented writing style, character creation and world building make this first book in the Guild Hunter series a standout within the paranormal romance genre.

Books in Guild Hunter Series (9)

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Next we have some love and werewolves, and a nice new take on the werewolf genre and mythology. In Stiefvaters incarnation, the werewolves shape shift dependent on the current season: human in summer, wolf in winter. Unlike a lot of werewolf stories, these werewolves do not retain any part of themselves when they shift; they are completely and entirely animal. Our love story begins with our leading lady Grace, in the midst of a wolf attack at the age of 11 during which she is saved by one particular wolf who fascinates her from that moment on. Fast forward 6 years, and she finds a naked boy, half frozen, shot, and bleeding on her back porch.

Three guesses as to who this oddly yellow-eyed boy could be?? Its a little unrealistic how Grace just jumps feet first into the idea that werewolves are real without really questioning it, but since when has realism been an issue for paranormal romance novels? Its Sams final season as a human before he becomes a wolf forever, and hes determined to spend as much of it as he can with Grace, but there are dark things going on that may just get in the way. Shiver has a great subplot below its wolfy-romance exterior. Its unfortunate that our main heroine is pretty dull and stupid, and honestly, a bit of a gullible jerk, and there are inconsistencies aplenty, but for fans of paranormal romance, this may just push all the right buttons (as long as you can get past the bestiality undertones).

Books in The Wolves of Me... Series (4)

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Weve got another crowd dividing special up next (so many of these books are crowd-splitters, honestly, with these paranormal romances its all either OMGILOVEITT!!!1! or Thisistheworstfuckingbookever.BURNITOMG), so if youre of the type who generally is in the love love love it! category when it comes to (YA) paranormal romance, this is probably right up your alley. Evermore follows the story of our suitably stupidly named lead character Ever Bloom, who somehow acquires supernatural abilities following an accident that claims the lives of her entire family.

Its cool though because shes about to replace her family with gorgeous and richer-than-sin Damen Auguste, just what Ever needs to get over her grief. Theres much mystery surrounding Damen (of course), and Ever is pulled further and further into a confusing and dangerous world (why wouldnt she be?). Overall it is an engaging plot that is revealed piecemeal rather than relying on a big reveal, which makes for a contrast to most of the mysterious paranormal romances floating about. This is a book that definitely requires a certain kind of paranormal romance fan, but those of you who adore love stories between a teenage girl with newly discovered powers and a dark and mysterious rich playboy, will surely devour this one.

Books in The Immortals Series (6)

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Now the mother-daughter writing team that is P.C. + Kristin Cast brings us a new and (dependent on your point of view) exciting new form of vampirism in their House of Night series. In this first book we are introduced to 16 year old Zoey, a teen who is pulled away from her crappy life after being marked by a Vampyre Tracker and given the gift of vampirism (as well as some heavy responsibilities to go with that newfound power) by the Goddess Nyx. The Casts have worked hard to make this book as relevant to teens as they could; drinking, drugs, bullying, anorexia, homosexuality and sex are just some of the issues raised, almost turning into the vampiric version of Skins.

Nonetheless, our heroine is a sensible girl, who provides a good role model, despite being a liiiittle too on the judgemental side at times. Its also worth noting that this book takes product placement and celeb name-dropping to the extreme, its a little off-putting at times, but if you can look past that (and the serious need for another editing sweep) you may enjoy Marked enough to get to grips with its cast of characters and their story, including Zoeys two potential love interests. Its not the greatest book around (to be perfectly honest, Twilight is actually better), but if you like original vampire concepts and some teen romance and drama lumped together, then Marked may just be for you.

Books in House of Night Series (12)

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For those of you who did not jump on the Twilight bandwagon, scared off by pale, sparkly vampires and exclamations of terrible writing, it may be that you have also been warded off from Stephanie Meyers other series: The Host. Whilst the Twilight similarities are definitely ever-present, the story itself is generally better, more developed and more unique (sort of). The story follows the premise of aliens that invade other planets and take over the other species. These aliens (or souls) invade Earth and begin to live as humans, one of whom, a soul that overtakes the body of Melanie is shocked to find that she wont relinquish control.

Meyer continues her trend of predictably sappy and overdramatic dialogue, and once again we have a 17-year old and an over-protective older man, but theres a big difference here; our two main protagonists, Melanie, and the soul that has invaded her body, Wanderer are actually very likeable. The fact that the romantic element of the story is a secondary one makes this book an improvement over her earlier attempts at novel writing, as here she also explores more complex ideas of soul, spirit and what it means to be human.

The Host is a truly exciting and surprisingly deep and complex story from the woman who brought us Twilight; Meyer is definitely improving in the storytelling stakes, even if her actual writing style still leaves something to be desired. In all honesty, it may not convert die-hard members of the anti-Meyer brigade, but fans of Twilight will surely enjoy it, and some of you who avoided Twilight like the plague, but are still open enough to give Meyer a chance may be pleasantly surprised.

Books in The Host Series (3)

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Chloe's a young girl who wanted nothing more than to live a normal life, but her life took a turn when she started seeing ghosts everywhere, which leads to her being shipped off to Lyle House, a special home for troubled teens. Struggling with balancing her new found power, being locked up and getting acquainted with her new housemates, Chloe is thrust into a setting rife with teenage hormones, jealousy and some more mysterious forces beneath the surface. Lyle House is blanketed with mysteries aplenty and it is a place in which no one is quite what they seem to be, a sentiment that rings especially true for her housemates.

We join Chloe as she begins to uncover the secrets of Lyle House and the others that inhabit it. The Summoning is a great introduction to the series, the characters and the plot-line are introduced impressively; the plot never plays second fiddle to the wave of character introductions, and its interesting to follow a group of teens with powers, some of whom arent even aware of their own abilities. Marvellously written, filled with fascinating characters and spirited dialogue, this novel has a little bit of everything;, action, adventure, fantasy, suspense. The Summoning is an entrancing read with a brilliant plot, truly menacing setting, and intriguing characters that will get you hooked and reaching for the sequel.

Books in Darkest Powers Series (3)

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This next novel is what Twilight was before Twilight (if that even makes sense). L.J. Smiths The Awakening, first book in the Vampire Diaries series, was written in the early 90s and is a pillar of paranormal romance of the bloodsucking type. The story itself is a pretty cheesy tale about a hot high schooler who manages to catch the attentions of a pair of even hotter vampire brothers who are feuding. Throw in a few other supernatural meanies into the resulting drama and you have the Vampire Diaries.

It has undertones of Romeo and Juliet-esque forbidden love at times, and the clear similarities to Twilight are enough to make you wonder if Ms Meyer took a little inspiration from L.J.Smith, but The Awakening is noticeably more interesting and more addictive. Many of you may actually be familiar with the story after its adaptation into the hugely popular CW show, The Vampire Diaries, but believe me when I say that the source material is well worth going back to! The love triangle between Elena and the Salvatore brothers doesnt scream maturity, it has teenage melodrama written all over it, but its wonderful because of it, and one that is a worthy read, especially if you like your paranormal romance novels more on the YA side.

Books in The Vampire Diar... Series (4)

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We jump right into another huge vampire series now, with the Morganville Vampires. In this first book, Glass Houses, leading lady Claire Danvers is enrolled in college early due to her academic achievements, however first day in and shes already has gotten herself on the bad side of a nasty, mean girl named Morgan. Claire decides she can't live in the dorms for fear that Morgan and her posse will end up killing her so she follows up on an advertisement for a roommate.

Upon her arrival at the Glass House, she meets her new roommates Shane, Michael and Eve, which is when life starts to get real complicated. Being in Morganville it is quickly apparent that the people in the town are somewhat on the creepy side (three guesses as to why!), since Claire is a smart and determined girl she finds out quickly that oftentimes in life is nothing is quite what it seems. She must face the ugly truth about life in Morganville and enlist the help of her new roommates, with whom she must battle to stay alive.

With an easy to follow but not overly simplistic writing style and a suspenseful plot that flows well and introduces some sweet romantic elements, Glass Houses really draws in its readers. A likeable cast of characters (apart from obviously those who you are not meant to like) add even more to this awesome series that simply screams to be devoured.

Books in Morganville Vamp... Series (15)

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Okay, so weve heard loads from the ladies, now its time for a romance told from the male point of view. We are joining Ethan Wate in the southern town of Gatlin; a town that he thinks is boring and quiet, where nothing ever happens. When a new girl moves to town though, the secrets underneath the towns quiet exterior begin to come to light. The girl is Lena, whom Ethan falls madly and deeply in love with, but the girl is cursed; on her sixteenth birthday her fate will be decided. It is a story filled with mystery, magic and a believable and heartfelt romance, all steeped in Southern culture.

There is a lot of back story, and long, rich descriptions of the setting, the characters and their lives, which makes this book a large undertaking, but it doesnt outstay its welcome. Even minor characters sparkle and shine, giving a full picture of everyone (especially since Ethan seems to be the most perceptive male to ever have existed, who notices in great detail what everyone wears). In essence though, Beautiful Creatures is the story of a boy who loves a girl, tinged with magic and beautifully executed.

Books in Caster Chronicle... Series (4)

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This next novel is famous for being somewhat of a guilty pleasure amongst many of its fans. We have a cover (and title) that practically screams softcore porn, and a pretty ridiculous plot: we have a romance between an incubus (a male demon that seduces women in order to father a child), and a demon hunter who can never orgasm when shes with a man its pretty stupid. Shockingly though, in spite of its cover, title and so-cheesy-its-cringe-worthy plot, Pleasure Unbound is actually a really readable and enjoyable novel!

The characters, whilst generally representing some typical tropes of the genre (i.e. super-hot guy plus super-hot badass girl who jump in each others pants out of a weird mix of fear, anger and lust), also challenge these roles in ways that are a little surprising. The guy is a doctor, and a believable one who actually acts like one, the girl is a bit stupid in terms of her actions, but she learns from her mistakes and isnt a flat out idiot. Add to this a plot that is reasonable and truly immersive in spite of its silly premise, and some very nice love scenes, and you have Pleasure Unbound a fun and sexy guilty pleasure that many fans of the genre will love (even if they wont like admitting it!).

Books in Demonica Series (11)

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For a reason that no-one can explain American teenagers are coming back to life. Known to the living as differently biotic or the living impaired, these zombies dont eat brains; they remain exactly as they were when they died, preserved in a constant state of teenage-hood. These zombie teenagers try to "live" their undead lives, but as with any group of people that vary from the norm, there are always prejudices. Phoebe, a Goth girl, finds herself unexpectedly drawn to one of these so-called living impaired students, Tommy Williams. Her best friend Margi, thinks she is crazy, but Margis feeling for the undead are more complicated than a general dislike.

Then there is Phoebes neighbour and childhood friend, Adam. Adam has finally realized his feeling for Phoebe, but he still cant find the courage to tell her. Of course it doesnt make the situation any easier when he discovers Phoebe is crushing on the dead kid. The story is filled with three-dimensional characters; even the dead kids have distinct personalities of their own, and it really begins to feel as if you know and care for these kids. The love triangle between Phoebe, Adam and Tommy is enthralling and bolstered by Waters simple yet delightfully engrossing writing style. Generation Dead is a witty and romantic love story that blurs the lines between love, life and death, with depth and complexity and an emotionally charged ending.

Books in Generation Dead Series (3)

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Were back in the territory of the dead, with some more zombie love, but this time its from the point of view of the zombie. These zombies have all the classic traits of zombies, slow-shuffling, brain-munching and generally thoughtless. Or so it seems. Our narrator, a zombie called R (he cant remember his full name), has started developing consciousness. On a hunt to nom on some tasty human brains, his gaze falls upon Julie who he feels the sudden impulse to save and take care of.

Watching Rs love for Julie develop and the exceedingly cute and awkward ways in which he tries to get through to her (he cant speak, only grunt he is a zombie, after all) is extremely sweet and very endearing. And this is part of Warm Bodies charm, it doesnt feel like a zombie book; its not gratuitously violent (but still has its gory moments) but R makes this book stand out because he is different to the typical romance novel narrators somewhere deep in his brain, part of his previous self remains, and watching that fight against his zombiefied self is intriguing and agonising, and it is impossible to not want R to succeed in his endeavour to woo Julie, and grasp back the human part of himself.

The sentimentality in this zombie story is surprising; its a stark contrast to the typically visceral zombie novel, and the apparently violent nature of their existence. The attraction of brains to the undead in Warm Bodies comes not only from the meat itself, but also from the associated memories and emotions that each mouthful of brain matter contains. It is a wonderfully original idea that creates a great deal of anguish and guilt and longing for R, and as he becomes more and more deeply attached to Julie, it's impossible to remain unmoved by his predicament.

Books in Warm Bodies Series (3)

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Amanda is an accountant with psychic powers who awakens to find herself handcuffed to the delectable and eye-catching Kyrian, a Dark Hunter a vampire who hunts other vampires. This Dark Hunter is an enigma and keeps most people at arms length, yet he oozes confidence and sexual prowess. Its an intoxicating combination! The sexual tension between the pair is instantaneous and just keeps on building as Amanda is forced to rely on Kyrian to survive whilst trying to guard herself against him.

Unfortunately for her though, his rousing blend of charisma, wit and general sex appeal makes him absolutely irresistible and she soon succumbs to him. To Kenyons credit, she doesnt invest everything in her central romance, whilst its all sexy and exciting, she actually does write an equally exciting and fast-paced plot that is intertwined with it. Whilst cheesy at times, Night Pleasures is a solid and passionate beginning to a smouldering paranormal romance series that fans will feast voraciously on.

Books in Dark-Hunter Series (24)

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Next Kresly Cole introduces us to Nikolai Wroth, a general in the rebel vampire who was once a human warlord. Now Nikolai is searching for true love, as a turned human, he doesn't have a heartbeat nor does he breathe and is consequently weaker than fully blooded vampires, but a great and overwhelming love could change that. He needs a bride for the power she will bring him and can hardly believe it when his heart starts to beat for Myst, a Valkyrie, and an absolutely batshit insane one.

If youve never read any books in this series before, this is definitely the place to begin for a strong foothold in the Immortals After Dark series; its only a novella but it gives a greater understanding of the lore of the world that Cole has created as the backdrop for her sensual, captivating and enticing love story and is a must read for fans of this series. Nikolai and Mysts love story is one of the best in the series, and its a true pleasure to witness the blossoming love between these two unique and eccentric characters. This is paranormal romance with humans entirely out of the picture, so for those of you looking for purely otherworldly love, start here.

Books in Immortals After ... Series (18)

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Kiss of Midnight is the first book in Lara Adrians Midnight Breed series, a series about a group of badass vampires who live together and fight evil vampires. Theyre all gorgeous, carry weapons, wear leather and generally just be awesome. Now, it has to be said, this series is startlingly similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward, but nonetheless it is really a very interesting series! Its kind of a rip-off yeah, but its a good one.

Adrians written her book well; its exciting, its interesting, and it has a well-developed and likeable cast of characters. Our leading lady Gabrielle is a little gullible, but shes likeable and our hero is a strong one, a little resistant to his own feelings at first, but what strong male vampires arent right? Kiss of Midnight is highly recommended for inveterate paranormal romance fans, especially fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series looking for another fix while they wait for the next instalment of Wards series.

Books in Midnight Breed Series (14)

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And we end on a book with a unique and original (if slightly complex) premise. Centuries ago a group of immortal warriors released the demons from Pandora's Box (yep, the Pandoras Box). As punishment the Greek gods cursed these warriors, forcing each one to act as host to one of the demons. Maddox, our hunky protagonist is the keeper of violence, however his inability to keep the demon under control resulted in him killing Pandora (yep, the Pandora). For this Maddox was additionally cursed to die each night at the hands of his fellow warriors, burning in the pits of hell until morning.

These warriors, The Lords of the Underworld now live in a remote castle in Budapest where they each keep a handle on their individual demons. Now bring in Ashlyn, conducting an investigation surrounding the warriors for the World Institute of Parapsychology. As Im sure youve already guessed, Maddox and Ashlyn fall for one another, and the heat between them is undeniable, if dampened by the fact that hes killed by his friends every night (what a bummer, right?). Its an original and exciting premise for a story, and the Greek mythology interlaced throughout is a nice touch, if a little much at times. Nonetheless, this is a great read for paranormal romance fans looking for something other than vampires for a change.

Books in Lords of the Und... Series (5)

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