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Top 25 Best Romance Books

Best of the Best Romance Novels in the Genre

As a fan of the romance genre, you will be introduced to a whole new world. The fans are warm and welcoming, but the titles on this list will be hotly contested because everyone has their favorite story and favorite couples. Romance, as a genre, also has it's own language. Where else will you hear about alpha heroes and beta heroes? HEA's, which are happily ever afters? The worlds of romance vary between the future such as J.D. Robb's Naked in Death and the distant past like Julie Garwood's The Bride. Plots can be fast paced adventures across multiple countries, like Nora Roberts's Three Fates, murder mysteries such as Linda Howard's Dream Man, or a slow-unfolding of a relationship as can be seen in Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer. What matters most in romance are the characters.

From innocent young women such as Annie Tremble in Annie’s Song to witty, clever society ladies like Lizzie Bennet in Pride and Prejudice or even older heroines like Nina Askew in Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie, every woman will find a heroine to identify with. Heroes are scorching and range from brooding aristocrats to volatile were-leopards and hard-boiled detectives. These are all characters that will draw you into their story, make you part of their adventures and their world, and their most intimate moments as they fall in love. They may be complete opposites, like Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, or exactly alike, such as Louise Cantwell and Lord Felix Wrenworth in The Luckiest Lady in London. 

You will feel the rush of falling in love all over again as these characters meet, banter, argue, grow together and are pulled apart. Just like in real life, each romance is different, and so, romance fans will not always agree on what would be the “best” romance because everyone is different. A paranormal romance fan will balk at Jane Eyre’s inclusion on this list just as Jane would be horrified by the idea of being seduced by Julian of Macedon. With that in mind, these twenty-five titles are a sampling of the best that the genre has to offer. There is something here for everyone to enjoy, whether you like modern romance, crime novels, or even sports. This list has a romance for you. Be prepared to fall in love along with one of these couples; be prepared to fall in love with their story..

Voted an All-Time Favorite Romance in 1996 by Romance Readers Anonymous and consistently lauded as The.Romance.Novel., Flowers from the Storm is the ultimate tale of opposites attract and so much more. Maddy Timms is a devout Quaker woman who spends her days dutifully caring for her blind father, a brilliant mathematician. Her polar opposite is the Duke of Jervaulx, Christian, a dissolute rake. When her father begins to work on a mathematical paper with Christian, Maddy knows that she must be on her guard, though she cannot deny her attraction to the charming duke.test edit

After the success of the paper, Maddy is shocked to discover that Christian has died. Shes even more shocked to find him suffering in a mental institution. Maddy can quickly see that hes not crazy, but she seems to be the only one. More than ever Christian needs her help or he will lose everything. She feels compelled to help him, even if it means denying everything shes ever known. The theme of giving up everything for love runs rampant through Flowers from the Storm, but refreshingly, the portrayal of this love is realistic. The road to Happily Ever After for these two is beset by problems, not the least of which is caused by themselves. While the romance allows both characters to grow, they never completely change. Even in the end, Christian is still selfish, and Maddy can still be self-righteous, and thats why youll love it.

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The first in the epic Outlander series, Outlander, or Cross-Stitch as it was titled in the UK, is immensely popular and has won numerous awards including a RITA for Best Romance of 1991 and RRAs 1995 Best Classic All Around Favorite and 1996 Best All-Time Historical Romance. Not strictly a historical romance, Outlander also adds elements of science fiction and adventure into this story. Claire Randall is vacationing with her husband in Scotland, trying to rekindle a romance that World War II has left in tatters.

Wandering a strange circle of stones, Claire is somehow magically transported to 18th century Scotland, a wild and war-torn place. Out of necessity, Claire marries the charming highlander, Jamie Fraser. Claire doesnt want to develop feelings for Jamie, as she desperately wants to go back to her husband in her own time, but as they are thrown into life-threatening situations, Claire and Jamie grow closer. Claire is torn between two worlds, two times, and two men. At over 600 pages, this is not a light read, but like Claire you will feel yourself transported in time as you fly through the pages. Outlander has also been adapted into a musical and a TV series which is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2014, but your best bet is to dive into this book because you will quickly be absorbed in this world of action, adventure, and above all, romance.

Books in Outlander Series (9)

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Loretta Chases Regency take on the Beauty and the Beast tale is widely regarded as one of the best romances out there. Its consistently on the All About Romance sites top 100 lists, and its won numerous awards including a RITA for Best Romance in 1991 and 1996s RRA Award for Best All-Time Historical Romance. It is the story of the Marquess of Dain and all around scoundrel. The prologue details Dains terrible childhood, making you feel sympathy for the guy who chooses to portray himself as a beast in every sense of the word.

When he meets the smart, saavy and just plain amazingly awesome Jessica Trent, he is infuriated with himself for being attracted to a well-bred lady, particularly when she snaps up a priceless Russian icon for a steal right under his nose. In an effort to heal his wounded pride, he attempts to buy the painting back from her. She refuses, but tells him that she will give him the painting if he will discharge her dim-witted brother from his roguish circle of friends. Rather than have a woman call the shots, Dain declines and threatens to ruin her reputation. What ensues is probably the sexiest use of gloves in the history of romance novels, and so begins the chase. This romance is less of a game of cat and mouse and more a duel between two equally skilled sword-fighters. Each matches the other blow for blow until both are stripped of their defenses.

Books in Scoundrels Series (4)

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Winner of the RITA for Best Romance of 1994 and a score of awards from Romance Readers Anonymous, including Best All-Time Contemporary Romance, It Had to Be You is the first book in the Chicago Stars series, and the Chicago Stars are a football team that the main character Phoebe Somerville has just inherited in this flirty, fun romance. Her belittling father dies, leaving her the new owner of the Chicago Stars on the condition that the team win the AFC Championship. Phoebes determined to prove herself; the only thing standing in her way is the sexist alpha male coach Dan Calebow.

Hes worked hard to get to his position, and hes not about to let Phoebe ruin it. Sparks and witty dialogue fly between these two as they move past their petty differences and discover the personality under each others tough exteriors. Though the characters seem unlikable, Phillips deftly coaxes you rooting for their relationship, as you will also be rooting for the team. A lot of this comes from seeing the past that each of these characters has been affected by and how they each allow that past to determine their decisions. Plus, it helps that these two have so much chemistry, whether its their lively banter or their steamy love scenes, you are never in doubt that, though they may not know it, Phoebe and Dan are meant for each other.

Books in Chicago Stars Series (9)

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Jane Austen created many of the plot structures that are seen in modern romance novels today, and while not technically considered a romance novel, Pride and Prejudice has often been adopted by fans of the genre as a classic romance example. When the wealthy bachelor Charles Bingley moves into Netherfield Park, every mother in the neighborhood with a daughter of marriageable age is giddy with excitement. This includes Lizzie Bennets mother who carts her daughters off to Bingleys welcoming ball. Jane, Lizzies sister, and Bingley become quite fond of each other, but Lizzie is less lucky, after making the acquaintance of the prideful Mr. Darcy who insults her and her family.

Romance readers will recognize a lot of familiar conventions here: the misunderstandings, the hate that gradually grows into a passionate love, the social climbers, and the disapproving friends and family. Having been around for over 200 hundred years and adapted countless times, Pride and Prejudice set the standard for all of them. The book is whip-smart and funny, and while Lizzie delivers some of the best zingers, the secondary characters bring a great deal of humor into the story as well, particularly the put-upon Mr. Bennet and the oafish Mr. Collins. Even Mr. Darcys proposal to Lizzie is both swoon-worthy and humorous. Honestly, readers wont be sure if they want to punch him or kiss him, Pride and Prejudice is so many things, but at its core it is one of the most iconic and funny romances out there.

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Anyone whos ever felt like an outcast will find something to love in Morning Glory. Will Parker is an orphan and outcast, looking for work after being newly released from prison. Ellie Dinsmore has lived in virtual isolation since childhood, initially imposed upon her by her fanatically religious grandparents, and then by the ridicule of the townspeople who know her as Crazy Ellie. When an accident leaves Ellie alone in the world with two children another on the way, she is desperate for help with her family farm. So, she places an unusual ad in the town paper. It reads, Wanted: A Husband. Because of his background, Will is having difficulty finding work. So, he takes a chance and answers the strange ad.

What each of them finds is exactly what they were looking for and more. Set against the backdrop of World War II, Will and Ellies budding relationship must face the grim realities of war and the prejudices of small town life. This romance is low on passion, but high on sweetness and tenderness as the insecure couple finds something that neither of them feel that they deserve. Despite the outside forces that threaten to destroy their romance, both Will and Ellie face a crippling sense of unworthiness that they must also overcome to pursue a future together. Winner of the 1990 RITA, Morning Glory is an emotionally uplifting story that will make anyone believe in the power of second chances.

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A Knight in Shining Armor broke records when it was published as one of the first romance novels to be sold in hardcover. A time travel romance, like Outlander by Diana Galbadon, A Knight in Shining Armor is infused with humor. Vacationing in England with her boyfriend Robert and his teenage daughter was not at all how Dougless Montgomery had envisioned it. After an argument with Robert, Doguless is left sobbing at a small church, when lo and behold and real, true knight in shining armor shows up.

Unfortunately, he claims to be from the 1500s and hes demanding to know why Dougless summoned him. So begins an unlikely romance. Much of the humor comes from the fact that Nicholas, the knight in shining armor, is completely out of his depth when it comes to the 1980s, which is to be expected. Dougless shows patience and tenderness as she helps him adapt to the modern world, but the truly interesting switch is when Dougless ends up in Nicholass time period, and he has no idea who she is. Douglesss attempts to get Nicholas to remember her are heart-rending, and it is amusing as she learns to navigate the 1500s. Here, we see her transform from an unassuming school teacher and sometime damsel-in-distress to a charming and confident young woman. This magical romance will have everyone wishing that they could conjure up their very own knight in shining armor.

Books in Montgomery/Tagge... Series (15)

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Do you believe in second chances? Paradise is the first book in McNaughts Second Opportunites series, and it is all about second chances. This is the story of wealthy Meredith Bancroft who meets and falls in love with her polar opposite, Matt Farrell at a society function. Her overbearing father disapproves of the relationship and does everything in his power to separate the two. Eleven years later, Matt and Meredith cross paths once more. Will they be able to reach past their hurt and rekindle their romance once more? Contrary to its name, Paradise is no light beach read. It weighs in at over 700 pages and deals with some hard-hitting issues, among them sexism, classism and the importance of forgiveness. At first glance, the plot might appear trite.

Rich girl falls for poor guy, but Daddy doesnt approve, but Matt and Meredith bring you into their world and win you over with their struggles. You will be laughing, crying, and screaming in frustration as you root for these two to make it past everything that is thrown at them. Read this with a box of tissues because this book packs an emotional punch, which is what makes it one of the best romances out there. If youre a fan of Judith McNaughts historical romances, this will be a great introduction into contemporary romance. Even if you arent, though the references are.

Books in Paradise Series (2)

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The Bride is a classic historical romance that sticks with readers throughout the years. Winner of the 1990 RITA for Best Historical Title, The Bride is the first in the Lairds Fiancees series. Though her step-father raised Jamie as his own, she has had to work hard to earn her place in her family through managing her step-fathers estate. When Baron Jamison is forced to marry off two of his daughters to Scottish lairds in order to appease the crown, he thinks to keep Jamie hidden so that she can go right on running things despite the fact that she is working herself into an early grave. It is the stablemaster Beak who alerts the lairds to Jamies presence.

Alec Kincaid is immediately taken with the fiery woman and wishes to marry her. Jamie is not all that thrilled about the prospect of being married to The Kincaid; she even wears black to her wedding, but as they spend more time together, the two become closer without realizing that the other has feelings for them until a murderer threatens their lives together. Garwood weaves this romance with subtle humor, such as Alec teasing Jamie about her name. These two are very passionate characters, and that is what makes them so entertaining to read about, and as they grow to love each other, that passion sizzles across the pages. The Bride is definitely a historical romance that is not to be missed.

Books in Lairds' FiancÃ... Series (2)

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Fans of Regency romance should already be familiar with Georgette Heyer who is second only to Jane Austen in poking fun at the time period. Among Heyers most well-loved novels is The Devil's Cub, second in the Alastair trilogy. Here is the story of the son of the notorious Justin Alastair, Dominic, the Marquis of Vidal who takes after his rakish father, much to that same fathers pride and annoyance. When Dominic shoots down his opponent in a duel, he flees England and his fathers disapproval, but not without a consort.

He chooses a young lady that he is courting, Sophia Challoner, whose mother has matrimonial aspirations for the Marquis. Sophias straight-laced sister Mary, worried for her sisters virtue, switches places with her sister, thinking that Dominic will throw her out once hes discovered the ruse. He does the opposite, and so begins a delightful romantic romp through France. Like in Austens books, you can expect to laugh through the pages at the witty banter and humor of the characters, particularly the side characters. Its not all jokes and wacky adventures, however, The romance here is subtle, caught in snatches of dialogue, but powerfully unfolds, as the two characters slowly come to realizations about themselves and each other.

Books in Alastair-Audley Series (4)

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Winner of the 2005 RITA for Best Contemporary Romance, Bet Me is a fast-paced, seriously funny romance. Minerva Dobbs is dumped three weeks before her sisters wedding. Granted, she knew that David was never a keeper. Hes actually a total creep throughout the novel, but she was at least hoping to make it last long enough for her to have a date for the wedding. After the breakup, she overhears David make a bet with a successful playboy that frequents the bar where he breaks up with her.

David bets Cal $10,000 that he wont be able to sleep with Minerva in a months time. Min sees her chance for revenge and also a great-looking prospective date for her sisters wedding. What she doesnt see is the possibility of true love developing between Cal and herself. Min is the kind of girl that every woman can identify with. Shes got issues with her weight and an overbearing mother. Shes smart, witty, and brutally honest, but shes also brutally honest with herself when she thinks that theres no way that Cal can really be attracted to her. Lucky for all of us, he is and the love story that unfolds between the two is filled with sexual tension, snarky barbs, and misunderstandings. Its just the kind of love story that everyone hopes to find themselves in.

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Want a fun, sweet read complete with an amazing dog? Look no further than Anyone But You. Nina Askew is a forty-year old divorcee that is finally free of the country-club, suburban life and living on her own terms, and these terms include a puppy. However, when she goes to the animal shelter, it is not a hyperactive puppy that she falls in love with but a basset/beagle mix that is sagging in all the wrong places and has incredibly sad eyes. His name is Fred. Fred is gravity-challenged, steals bras, and has bad breath, but he has wonderful taste in men, as evidenced when he brings home thirty year old ER doctor, Alex Moore.

Nina and Alex become instant friends, but is there more in store for them? Both Nina and Alex dont think so, and they need all kinds of encouragement from their friends, their nosy elderly neighbors, and even Fred to finally realize that theyre perfect for each other. Filled with Crusies trademark wit, this book is low on heavy emotional baggage and high on fun. The main source of conflict stems for the age difference between Nina and Alex which causes the two of them some concern about pursuing a relationship, as well as some problems during their blossoming romance. This is the type of book that you read when you have a bad day because it is sure to put a smile on your face.

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Brenda Jackson was the 2012 winner of the Romance Writers Associations Lifetime Achievement Award, and Tonight and Forever is the novel that started it all. Published in 1995, Tonight and Forever is the first book in Jacksons long-running Madaris Family series. After a bitter divorce, Lorren Jacobs returns home to Texas after making a promise to herself that she will never love another man. She doesnt expect to meet Justin Madaris, a widower who refuses to give up on love.

For Justin, Lorren makes him feel emotions that he hasnt felt since his wife died, and he is determined to get her to believe in love once more. Together, these two will help each other overcome all of the hurts of the past and move toward a passionate future. Both Justin and Lorren are such wonderful characters that you cant help but root for their relationship. Both have been damaged by their pasts and this puts an intense strain on their blossoming romance. This book is at times incredibly emotionally heart-rending and at others fiery and passionate. The romance unfolds slowly, as it should, but it is following these characters through their emotional and sensual awakening is the fun of this novel.

Books in Madaris Family &... Series (19)

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A Kingdom of Dreams is the first book in the Westmoreland Saga, and it is an unforgettable romance. Set in medieval Scotland, A Kingdom of Dreams recounts the tale of Jennifer Merrick, who is sent by her father to a convent when he remarries after her mothers death. When her father finally visits her, it is only to inform Jennifer that she is set to marry a much older man in order to secure troops for her fathers war against The Black Wolf, Royce Westmoreland. When Jennifer and her step-sister are kidnapped by Royces brother, she makes a bargain with the Black Wolf that will change both of their lives forever.

Jennifer is a great heroine. She is no wilting violet who submits to her captor. In fact, she tries to stab him. She tricks him and tries to escape. Royce falls hard for her courage, her intelligence, and her kindness, but its not all wine and roses once these two figure out that theyre made for each other. Theres pain and heartache, and families that are on opposite sides of a bitter war. Read this with a box of tissues because there are moments that will make you want to tear up, as well as some truly swoon-worthy moments. It is a sweet, heart-rending historical romance that you will want to revisit time and time again.

Books in Westmoreland Series (5)

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Annies Song is a heart-rending, endearing romance that is best read with a box of tissues handy. In Annies Song, Annie Tremble is known as the town idiot. When she was six, she suffered a terrible fever and has never been the same since. Her parents, since then, have kept her locked away from the town as their terrible secret. No one has ever seen Annie, except for when she is running through the woods. It is there that she encounters Douglas Montgomery who forces himself on her.

Horrified at what his brother has done, Douglass brother Alex offers to do the right thing and marry Annie, as Annie is now pregnant. Thinking that he will divorce her once the child is born, Alex has no idea how much he will come to love Annie in their time together. It is the sweetest love story that ever unfolded. You will cry from both sadness and happiness as Alex and Annies relationship progresses. You will laugh at Annies lovable innocence, and you will feel the characters hopes and fears as the love between them slowly blossoms. If you have a heart at all, this heartwarming story will stay with you for years to come.

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requel to the long-running Dark Hunter series, Fantasy Lover is the first paranormal romance to be featured in the Romance Writers of America Top Ten Books of the Year. It is the story of Grace, a sex therapist who after dealing with events and her past and helping others deal with their problems has basically sworn off sex. Her friend Selena decides that its time to end the vow of chastity and gives Grace a book for her birthday that is supposed to summon an ancient Greek love slave. To humor her friend, Grace tries the spell and is flabberghasted when it actually works.

Julian of Macedon, the summoned love-slave, has a tortured past that Grace recognizes immediately, and having been through the same thing herself, she refuses to just use him for sex. Instead, through the month that they are together, Grace and Julian gradually get to know each other, and to help each other heal from past hurts. An amazing start to the series, this book is sweet and sexy and just beautiful. Julian is incredibly hot and is completely flummoxed when Grace doesnt want to sleep with him. Thats not to say that theres not plenty of nail-biting sexual tension in the books, there totally is! Theres also plenty of tender, romantic, emotional scenes, and the characters are so real and so vulnerable that you just want to wrap them up in a big hug especially Julian.

Books in The Entire Dark-... Series (19)

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Mine to Possess is the fourth book in Singhs Psy-Changeling series and one of the best. A finalist for the 2009 RITA for Paranormal Romance, Mine to Possess tells the story of Clay Bennett and Talin McKade, and its the first novel in the series where one of the romantic leads is a human. Clay Bennett, a member of the Dark River leopard clan, grew up with Talin without the benefit of his pack. His mother denied his changeling nature, and so Clay was never given any means of dealing with it.

All this explodes in Clay and Talins childhood when Clay commits an unspeakable act of violence that scars both of them for life and sends Clay to juvie. Years later, Clay believes that Talin is dead, but when she reappears in his life, she needs his help to save one of the children that she works with. The love story between Clay and Talin is understandably a rocky one. Both of them are dealing with some serious trust issues as well as a lot of issues from their past. This is a heart-rending, angsty romance that is seamlessly integrated into the larger plot of the missing kids and what is going on with the Psys and Changelings. Though this is easily one of the best books in the series, you should start with the first novel, Slave to Sensation, so as not to miss a minute in this intriguing world.

Books in Psy-Changelings Series (16)

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The first in the eight book Bridgerton series, The Duke and I is about the fourth Bridgerton child and eldest daughter, Daphne. Daphne is dangerously close to becoming a spinster after her second Season in society, as all the men want to be friends with her and none of them want to marry her. Daphne blames her own sweet nature, but the true cause is likely her over-protective brothers. When she meets her oldest brothers best friend, Simon, she is instantly comfortable with the charming Duke. He proposes a plan that will benefit both of them. He will pretend to court her.

This will keep the marriage-minded society mothers away from him, and it will make her more attractive to the men in her circle. The plan works brilliantly. At one point, Daphne is juggling seven suitors, but this is a romance novel. So, we all know who Daphne falls for. The Duke and I reads a bit like an adult version of Huntley Fitzpatricks My Life Next Door because of the boisterous, loving Bridgerton family, but with Jane Austens sensibilities thrown in. While it starts out light and frothy with plenty of witty banter between Simon and Daphne, the book confronts some serious issues, particularly dealing with Simons past. As their relationship unfolds, the tension spikes between Simon and Daphne as she struggles to help him let go of the past and move toward the future that shes always envisioned.

Books in Bridgertons Series (9)

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Naked in Death is the first book in the wildly popular In Death series which combines a gritty police procedural mystery, a believably (for 1995) futuristic sci-fi setting, and a love story that sizzles off the page. Eve Dallas is a bright star in the NYPD, and she is called in to investigate a high-profile murder case. The victim is the rebellious granddaughter of an ultra-conservative Senator and also, a licensed prostitute. The murder weapon is left at the scene, and its something that Eve has never seen before: a gun.

In 2058, prostitution is legal, but guns are not except to a few incredibly wealthy collectors. The murderer has promised that he will kill again. Pressure is high, and the list of suspects is small. At the top of the list is the handsome, enigmatic billionaire, Roarke, and when he meets Eve, sparks fly between the two. This is not a fluffy, sweet love story. There are some grisly details worked into the book, particularly around the murders, but the unfolding relationship between Eve and Roarke is incredibly sweet and hot. These two are fiercely independent characters who feel like they dont need anyone in their lives, and watching them grow closer together is more gripping than even the mystery. Give this to the friend who is addicted to Law and Order: SVU to introduce them to the romance genre, and they will be hooked on this addictive series.

Books in In Death Series (46)

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Jane Eyre combines a gothic mystery, a coming of age tale, and a moving love story all into one unforgettable, haunting novel. Jane is a young orphan who cant seem to get a break in life. The aunt who has been entrusted with her care hates her and sends her away to a charity school where she and the other girls are treated terribly. It is only when she takes a position as a governess at Thornfield Hall that Jane begins to find real happiness.

Thornfield is a lonely and strange place, and her employer, Mr. Rochester is moody and secretive. Despite all this, Jane grows to love Thornfield and its master, and when Mr. Rochester announces his plans to marry the wealthy Blanche Ingram, Janes life is once again thrown into turmoil. The romance between Jane and Mr. Rochester unfolds by degrees, almost imperceptibly until both characters are swept up in it. Their love story is a rocky one with plenty of obstacles to overcome, not the least of which is Janes good sense. Jane is a strong character who sticks to her principles throughout the story. While not a romance novel in the strictest sense of the genre, Jane Eyre, like the Jane Austen novels, has long been considered a classic by romance fans.

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Award-winning, Sherry Thomas is at the top of her game with The Luckiest Lady in London. Poor and plain-looking Louisa Cantwell knows that in order to save her mother and sister from the poorhouse, she must marry well. So, she employs all types of artifice to attract a wealthy society husband. She attracts The Ideal Gentleman, Lord Felix Wrenworth, a feat she only manages because she sees him for what he truly is. The two impostors see right through each others game, and so begins a sexy, fun flirtation, complete with sexual tension that burns through the pages.

For all the laugh-out-loud witty banter and sexy talk that borders on dangerous in polite London society, this is not a light read. Instead, like the many layers of artifice which both Louisa and Felix apply, this book has many layers from the light and sexy to the deeply emotional as each and every wall that these characters put up is shattered. Their happily ever after is hard-wrought but completely worth the journey. Here there are delightfully complex characters, scintillating prose, and a deeply moving love story. If youre looking for the complete package in historical romance, look no further that The Luckiest Lady in London.

Books in The London Series (3)

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A rewrite of her RITA award-winning 1989 release of The Rake and the Reformer, Putneys The Rake has lost none of its shine and instead has gained the benefit of years of great writing that earned her the 2013 Lifetime Achievement award from the Romance Writers of America. Reggie Davenport, the titular rake, is a loafer and an alcoholic who desperately wants to turn his life around. His cousin gives him this second chance at life when he signs over Reggies childhood home, Strickland to him.

Determined to make this new home work, he finds himself relying on the instincts of the capable steward, A.E. Weston, whom he quickly discovers is a woman. A.E. Weston, also known as Lady Alys Weston, was betrayed by a man she loved when she was 18. Because of that, shes given up her considerable wealth and position to become a governess, and later a steward of the Strickland estate. As both Reggie and Alys learn more about each other, they grow to like each other and eventually love each other as Alys becomes his support against his crippling addiction. Though this book tackles some heavy issues,but thats not to say that there arent moments that make you smile either. Both Reggie and Alys have a witty and sarcastic streak that they let fly throughout the book. This is a wonderfully engaging Regency romance that will have you rooting for the hero and the heroine all the way through their emotional journey.

Books in Davenport Series (2)

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Dream Man is a sexy mystery that delivers all the right kinds of thrills. Marlie Keen is a psychic, who has lost her powers after a horrific incident. Now, in Orlando, Marlie is just trying to lead the quiet life. Shes got a nice job at the bank, a nice home, and shes very glad not to have her powers anymore. Then, her abilities come back in full force, and she witnesses a brutal murder. Naturally, she goes to the police, but Detective Dane Hollister isnt so sure he believes her. In fact, he thinks that she might be working with the killer!

Nevertheless Dane is undeniably physically attracted to Marlie. Though the two hate each other from the start, as they search for clues in the killings, their chemistry is palpable. Soon, it explodes off the page. Winner of the 1995 Romance Readers Anonymous Award for Best Romantic Suspense, this is not so much a mystery, as the killer is revealed early on in the book. Instead, its a suspenseful thrill ride as the characters attraction heats up. The characters go from hating one another to a blazing love affair. The mystery provides thrills of another kind, as the killer becomes a threat to the romance Its a guarantee that you will be drawn into this riveting romance as magnetically as Dane is drawn to Marlie.

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Eyes Like Stars, the first in the Theatre Illuminata trilogy, is many love stories wrapped up in one beautiful fantasy. It is the story of Beatrice Shakespeare Smith. Beatrice was raised in the Theatre Illuminata and pals around with the characters from various plays. Unfortunately for Beatrice, she is always at odds with the Stage Manager, and after her latest upset, the Theater Manager has given her a directive, maker herself invaluable to the theater or find a new home. Beatrice sets about attempting to adapt Hamlet to prove that she can be a Director, but strange things begin to upset the play. Is the mysterious and beautiful Ariel behind the sabotage? So, I know, at first glance, this doesnt look like a romance.

It looks like a fantasy some drama and mystery thrown in, but its not. The love triangle between Beatrice and Ariel and Nate will have you constantly switching sides as to which handsome lad should win the fair maidens heart. Ariel is the ultimate bad boy, smooth, sexy, and manipulative, but for good reason, he just wants to be free. Nate is the ruggedly handsome yet practical pirate who always tries to steer Beatrice in the right direction. As if thats not enough, the entire series seems to be a love letter to literature and drama and the theater. There are other romances in these books, some that do not necessarily involve Beatrice, but to say anymore would give these wonderful books away.

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A nominee for the 2006 RITA for Best Historical Romance, Mr. Impossible is the second book in the Carsington Brothers series. Set in Regency era Egypt, this fun road romance follows the adventures, and developing relationship, of Daphne Pembroke and Rupert Carsington as they attempt to rescue her kidnapped brother and an ancient papyrus. The witty repartee between Rupert and Daphne will keep you turning pages even as the two find themselves in increasingly untenable positions.

Rupert and Daphnes relationship develops slowly, as they reveal more about themselves to each other. Rupert fights against his desire for Daphnes curves, but its her brain that he finds completely irresistible. Daphne, at first, believes that Rupert is a cheerful and loveable oaf but soon finds that there is so much more to him. Rupert is a refreshing and completely swoon-worthy hero, especially if you love the protective teddy bear kind of guys. Not only does he respect and love Daphne for her brain, but he also goes about teaching her how to defend herself, which comes in handy when she rescues both him and herself from danger throughout the book. You will laugh; you will sigh happily, and you may even shed a tear or two in this witty adventure romance.

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Similar Recommendations