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Top 25 Best Stand-Alone Romance Books

Top Romance Books Books Not in a Series

This is a tricky list since some books that are a part of a series are called “stand alone” – meaning you don’t need to read any of the other books in the series in order to enjoy them. As if we could read a great book and then not want to read more about them, their family, their friends, their long lost cousins, etc. SO, this is a TRUE stand-alone list – no sequels or prequels required…just a good, old fashioned, “one and done,” single stand-alone book list. Sometimes it’s nice to read a book, beginning to end, and that’s it. No weird epilogues, no “must read sequel in order to see what happens next,” no “wait, I think I missed something;” just a good, romance novel that starts and ends in between the same two covers.

This list will be the opposite of the “best series” list – these are the novels that you can read and walk away. Well, maybe not walk away since for some of them you will want to read them again and again…but the point is, you meet everyone and know everything you need to know in the one book...which seems to happen less and less these days. You don’t need to keep a list next to your bed reminding you of all the various characters and their relationships to one another, or take a picture of the book’s family tree on the last page to remember everyone, or try to remember which book you are supposed to read next so you don’t go out of order, which messes up the whole series. That is fun sometimes, but other times I just want to commit a couple of days to a book and be done. If that sounds like you, this is your list!

Some of these are “oldies but goodies,” and some of them are relatively new – but all of them are worth taking a look at! I guarantee there is something here for everyone!

The teenaged heroine in this novel, Blue Echohawk, is not sure who she is. Abandoned at age two and raised by a drifter, she didnt even go to school until she was 10 years old. Shes tough and a troublemaker after all, with no one who cares, she has nothing to lose. Wilson is the young, British history teacher who decides he is up to the challenge. What starts as friendship slowly blossoms into more it is unbelievably sweet and gentle, and not at all inappropriate or creepy. There is some suggested sexual content, but nothing graphic. That is one of the many beautiful things about this novel.

Amy Harmon is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times bestselling author.

Why It's On the List This is one of those must readsits passionate and compassionate, and is truly captivating as a journey of self-discovery unfolds.

In all of my years of reading I have never encountered a heroine like Blue in some ways she embodies her name, and in many ways she rails against it.

Read if you like: young adult romance; well-developed situations and dialogue; complex characters and situations; I promise you wont be disappointed.

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This novel tells the story of Jules and Noah, childhood-friends-turned-young-lovers who fall victim to some terrible secrets with terrible consequences. Noah ends up leaving Jules heartbroken, and even though they both moved on, they never got over one another. Then he returnsbut he isnt alone. Suffice it to say that sometimes you really dont get over your first love, and even when it is a second-chance, it doesnt always come easy.

Lovelace is an award-winning, best-selling author who writes with passion and insight. Her ability to develop well rounded, deep, engaging, compelling characters stands out among many in the genre today.

Why It's On the List

This novel won the 2014 Kindle Indie Book Award for Best Contemporary Romance, and is, in a word, brilliant. What can I say here? Its another MUST readit raises you up, pushes your buttons, slams you down, takes you on a journey, provides great insight, and brings you back again. How many novels can say THAT?? I mean, seriously, even the supporting characters here are great!!

Read if you like: contemporary romance; second-chance romance; friends-to-lovers romance; interesting and engaging characters

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This novel takes an interesting twist the heroine, Phoebe, inherits a football team and is determined to run it. She clashes with the know-it-all, sexist, former-star-turned-coach, Dan, as the Windy City presents them with a rocky road to love. Phillips is a New York Times bestselling author who has been nominated for, and won, many awards for many of her books.

Why It's On the List This novel won numerous awards: Favorite Book of 1994 (Romance Writers of America), Reviewers Choice Award, Best Contemporary Romance (Romantic Times), Best Contemporary Romance and Romance of the Year (Affaire de Coeur), Best Single Title Contemporary (The Readers Voice) and Top 25 Romances of the Century (amazon.com).

If the above awards are not enough to convince you why its on this list, nothing will! Its a fun, sexy read. The characters are interesting and engaging, and the chemistry is off the charts. Its a lot of fun to read about a woman in a traditionally mens world, and she learns to give as good as she gets. Soon enough we are quickly invested in the happily ever after for this couple.

Read if you like: contemporary romance; athlete romance; well-developed and amiable characters

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This novel is a great contemporary romance novel that surpasses time. Even though it is almost 38 years old, it still reads like a current novel. It tells the story of a wealthy young architect, Michael, and a beautiful artist, Nancy, who fall in love and plan to be married, except his mother disapproves, thinking Nancy is not good enough for her precious son. Shortly before their wedding an accident occurs, and then an unthinkable deception conspires to keep them apart. However, as with all good romance novels, fate intervenes to bring them back together, with the hope that they can find one another again.

Steele is one of the most prolific authors ever to publish. She has sold more books than any other author alive, and has sold close to 1 billion books, published in almost 30 languages.

Why It's On the List

I love itplus, its kind of interesting that it was made into a movie FIRST, and THEN Steel wrote the novel (she didnt write the screenplay). Its tells a compelling story about second chances and self-discovery... oh, and true love.

Read if you like: second-chance romance; engaging situations; well-developed and relatable characters

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This novel is Astons debut novel, and absolutely hilarious. In addition to being funny, it also has some attitude and is completely down to earth. It tells the story of Sophie, a somewhat bored, about-to-graduate-but-still-a-virgin college student who has been fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop where she works. Fortunately, her fantasy world is anything but boring and desperate - it is working overtime, and it is hot!!! After deciding to finally give it up to her boyfriend, she goes to get some birth control one day only to find that the object of her fantasies is her gynecologist she has probably dreamed about this, but never imagined it would become reality.

This novel is a New York Times bestseller.

Why It's On the List

Heavy.com identified this novel as one of the best of 2015, and most people who read it said so wrong its right, or some similar play on the title. But that said, it really is! Its a fun, enjoyable read with hot (!!) and steamy sex scenes both real and imagined. There are also some fun and interesting side characters at least one of whom is getting her own story (wait for itRightbut it is a true spin off novel; no overlap with this one at all). Its a quick read, and although it probably wont win any awards for drama, its definitely worth checking out!

Read if you like: hot, erotic romance; steamy situations and dialogue; a little humor with your sex

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Even though this novel is subtitled The Summerhouse #1 it is completely unrelated to The Summerhouse #2 different characters, different situations, different time periods, different locationsthey have nothing in common but the house where the story takes place, and even that connection is negligible. Subsequently, I refuse to consider this as part of a series.

Deveraux is famous for her sweeping stories involving generations of Montgomerys and Taggerts, but this novel does not involve any of them. It is an absolutely brilliant novel about the opportunity for a re-do. Through a series of paranormal events, the novel returns to significant turning points in the lives of three women who share the same birthday and come together in honor of turning 40. None of their lives have gone as expected, and so they all wonder what might have been had they each chosen a different path. A little historical romance, a little romantic suspense, a little time-travel romance, a little paranormal romance and a lot of fun to read, this novel will leave you thinking about your own lifes choices and thinking about your own decisions regarding a potential opportunity for a do-over.

Why It's On the List Deveraux has published over 40 New York Times bestsellers, and has over 60 million books in print. She is a master at creating engaging and intriguing stories, and helping you to suspend your disbelief that you start to wonder if these things really could happen!

Its a fun, engaging, pool (or beach) side read. The characters are fun and relatable, the situations are interesting, and she writes really well!!

Read if you like: time-travel romance; paranormal romance; historical romance; romantic suspense; second-chance romance

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This is a beautifully written story about when Macys life stopped. After witnessing the death of her father, her world crashed around her. Lonely beyond belief, and capped off by her boyfriends decision to go off to brain camp for a little break, Macy ends up joining a quirky catering company as a way to occupy her time, and meets Wes, a soul mate if ever there was one.

Dessen is a bestselling author who has not won a lot of awards (although she has garnered a lot of nominations), but she has certainly won a lot of hearts with this tender teen-young adult novel.

Why It's On the List This novel easily could have gone sideways with its heavy situations and dramatic reveals but it doesnt. Its sweetand heartwarmingand it will make you smile. Sometimes thats enough.

Read if you like: young adult romance; a compelling story at the forefront with a romance that develops rather slowly; well-developed main and supporting characters who are fun and interesting

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Seriously, you cannot consider yourself a romance reader until you have read this novel. Widely considered the first romance ever written, Austens witty sense of humor will entice and engage you until you (almost) wet your pants.

It tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five unmarried daughters, all of whom are chasing either Mr. Bingley or Mr. Darcy (and sometimes both). The novel mostly focuses on Elizabeth, the second daughter, and her ongoing, hilarious clashes with Mr. Darcy.

Why It's On the List

This novel has sold over 20 million copies, and was turned into a movie and a television mini-series. And no, it didnt win any awards since they didnt have awards back in the early 1800s. It all started hereit is a MUST read!

Read if you like: Regency romance, laugh-out-loud humor

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This novel tells the story of Annabel, a girl who starred in a Kohls commercial which promoted her as the girl who has everything and for a little while she did, until her world started disintegrating. Yeah, she has everything but what she really wants, which is a stable life with friends who dont bully and misunderstand her. Her home life is a mess, her school life is a mess, her social life has become nonexistent, and she just wants to be left alone. But she is also desperate to be understood. Enter notorious school loner Owen, who is obsessed with music, and has found ways to deal with his own issues.

I know another Dessen novel in the top 10, but she really does create great stand-alone novels that draw you in, and which tell a beautiful story!

Why It's On the List

This novel was nominated for a bunch of awards that you have probably never heard of awards like: the 2007 Black-Eyed Susan Award, the 2007 Capitol Choices Noteworthy Books for Children Award, the 2007 Heartland Award, the 2008 Gateway Readers Award, and on and on and on. Who knew there were so many awards out there for books? It kind of warms my heart. Its a sweet and compelling read. The characters are interesting and relatable, and the novel grapples with some difficult issues in a very non-preachy way things like eating disorders, bullying and sexual assault are all addressed here in a way that is appropriate for younger readers, but does not short shrift its sensitive topics. There is definitely no hot sex in this novel, but it is still one of the most romantic stand-alone novels out there, as it addresses young love and all of its highs and lows.

Read if you like: young adult romance; character-centered storytelling; well-developed and relatable characters

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This is the story of a girl, Meg, who is over it and ready to get away from her dead-end town, her dead-end family and her dead-end life. Then she encounters John, who became a police officer right out of high school and is committed to the motto to serve and protect. The two come together as she acts out and he wants to teach her a lesson, but then it develops into much, much more.

Echols is a bestselling author who has won the RITA award and other national awards for her novels, which have been published in eight languages.

Why It's On the List

This novel was a finalist for several major awards, including the RITA Award, the National Library Associations Best Book Award and the National Readers Choice Award. Told from Megs point of view, she is a compelling narrator, and is a fun voice to listen to. Echols is definitely a master of creating fully developed and intriguing characters that the reader cares about, and ones in which we quickly become invested.

Read if you like: young adult romance; touching situations and dialogue; well-developed characters and relationships

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This is a stand-alone novel which is much more than a romance novel. It is a story of loss, survival, courage, willingness to take a chance and overcoming the odds. It features the heroine, Auburn, and the hero, Owen. She needs a job and he needs an assistant, but as they start to work (and play) together, it is discovered that they both have deeply held secrets, secrets which threaten everything should they come out.

Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author who has been nominated for (and won) several Goodreads awards for her books since 2012, including this one. She also won an utopYA award in 2014.

Why It's On the List

This novel is the most popular romance novel of the year as reviewed on Goodreads. It garnered an incredible 63,297 ratings (receiving 4.26 on a scale of 5 for readability) and won the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance. Its an appealing novel which really draws you in. The characters are entertaining and three-dimensional, and the secrets being held by each are complex. Plus, you are never 100% sure what is coming next, making for a really engaging read.

Read if you like: suspense and romance; intriguing situations and dialogue; well-developed characters and situations that you cannot really anticipate

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Its been a long time since I first read this book back as a young teenager, wondering what it would be like, feel like, wondering what 'I' would feel like afterwards. And you know what, it hasnt changed a bit. This novel was written for young teens, and perhaps even their parents, as they approach and encounter the idea of real love, the love where you want to make a connection with someone beyond holding hands and sitting next to them at lunch. This novel walks you through every.single.step. And it makes sure you come out safely on the other side.

Blume is an international bestselling author who has won numerous awards for her teen novels, including this one which was a 2012 selection by NPR as one of the 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels.

Why It's On the List

This novel is a sweet, sensitive, and somewhat awkward story about Katherine and Michael and their first encounters with sex and love. It takes us all back to those oh-so-uncomfortable first conversations (he named his penis Thurnis) and reminds us that sometimes growing up also means moving on. Its an engaging story, and a really enjoyable read (or reread as the case may be). The characters are completely normal and relatable, and the setting has not changed at all between then and now.

Read if you like: young adult/teen romance; down to earth characters; great storytelling

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This novel tells the story of Shelby Foxworth, a woman who thought she had everything. Then when she suddenly loses her husband, she finds that not only did she not have everything, she actually had absolutely nothing. The man she thought she loved had been living a double, triple, maybe even a quadruple life. Finding his safety deposit box full of fake ids, and left with a mountain of debt she never knew about, she escapes down South with her young daughter to try to rebuild her life. There she meets Griff, but her husbands troubles threaten to topple every effort she makes at creating a new life for herself and her child, even putting them in great danger as she tries to rebuild what was left of everything she thought she knew.

Roberts has written over 200 books, and has been winning awards for them since 1983. She also writes as J.D. Robb, Jill March and even as Sarah Hardesty for books published in the UK, making her quite prolific!

Why It's On the List

This novel was featured as a top pick by RT Book Reviews and received a Booklist starred review. Its a romance novel housed in a mystery. The mystery is interesting and well-developed, and the characters are sympathetic and real. There is also a LOT of chemistry between the main characters, and some pretty steamy love scenes.

Read if you like: romantic suspense; intriguing situations and dialogue; well-developed and unique characters

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Many of us already know this story through the movie, which is adorable and laugh-out-loud funny, but to be honest as is usually the case, the book is even better. It has a wonderful tongue-in-cheek seriousness that is bound to make you smile, and the notion of true love winning the day definitely steals the scene here.

Golding did not come to romance naturally he is actually most famous (and won Academy Awards) for his screenplays for writing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and All the Presidents Mennot exactly the stuff that romance is made of. That said, he is certainly welcome under the romance banner anytime with novels like this one.

Why It's On the List

This novel is a true classic fantasy romance novel, and is a wonderfully fun read. The heroine, Buttercup, falls in love with the dashing Westley, as she comes to realize that his agreement in the form of As you wish is actually code for I love you. He leaves to seek his fortune so they can marry. Unfortunately, she receives word that he was lost at sea, and so is forced to marry a man she does not love. Of course, hijinks ensue as Westley really is alive, and is willing to do anything to rescue her.

Read if you like: good, old-fashioned romance; fun situations and dialogue; verbal back and forth between the characters

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This novel tells the story of Ashlynne, whose family is the local joke. She knows she has no shot with Cord, whose family basically runs the town. Fast forward a few years, and Ashlynne has taken on caretaker responsibilities for her two young nieces following the death of her sister, and is doing her best just to keep everything moving in forward direction. But when Cord comes back to town after six years away, everything threatens to come apart at the seams.While Boswell is mostly published as a serial author for Loveswept and Silhouette, this is one of her longer novels, giving her more time and ability to develop the characters and situations, both of which she does beautifully. Why It's On the ListThe winner of a Career Achievement Award by Romantic Times, Boswell writes a GREAT contemporary romance which often focus on the haves and have-nots.Its a novel about second chances both characters have things in their past that they regret and want to overcome, and there is a political race which threatens everything they are working toward. Ultimately, their stories are compelling, the characters are engaging, and a lot of their scenes are pretty steamy.Read if you like: contemporary romance; rescue situations (hero rescues heroine)

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This is an incredibly unique love story. It is set after World War II, but still reads like a contemporary novel. It teaches us lessons about love and loss, and focusing on what is within. The novel tells the story of Sarah, a widow, and Tom, a tattooed side show in a carnival. He escapes and is hidden by Sarah, but as they get to know one another in an achingly sweet love story, we also see the dark underbelly of hate, and distrust and a rush to judgment.

Dee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who spent the early part of her career collaborating with others in fact, this novel is one of her first solo efforts.

Why It's On the List

As readers, we are both intrigued by and fearsome of Toms outer shell, completely covered in tattoos and wearing only a loincloth. The pictures Dee paints are quite vivid, and her character and story development really invite you into the storyline. And even though both of these characters are outcasts from society, they find a home with one another that is quite beautiful. And with that home comes some pretty steamy sex along the way!

Read if you like: contemporary romance based in a historical period; compelling characters; a bit of mystery

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This is a stand-alone novel that is equal parts romance and mystery-suspense. This novel takes place over 18 years, and starts when the heroine, Madeline, is just a child and is brutally attacked in her grandmothers hotel. The man is caught and, she thinks, is paying the price for his crime. However, after her grandmother dies under somewhat mysterious circumstances, she returns only to find that things from the past are still unsettled. This thrusts her right into the middle of a murder mystery, along with her childhood friend, Daphne, the hotels new security expert Jack (the hero) and Jacks brother Abe (a magician).

Krentz (who writes using her own name and several pseudonyms) is a New York Times bestselling author who won several awards and recognitions for her books, including several RT Book Reviews Top Pick honors, RT Reviewers Choice Awards, All About Romance Reader Awards, Romantic Times Awards, and Booklist, Publishers Weekly and Library Journal honors.

Why It's On the List This book received special mention from Booklist, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly andRT Book Reviews.

Its a likable read. The characters are thoughtful and relatable, and the mystery is interesting and well-developed. Whether this is your first book by Krentz, or you are a seasoned reader of her novels, there is something for everyone here.

Read if you like: suspenseful romance; contemporary romance; keep-you-guessing situations and dialogue; well-developed and intriguing characters

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As with all of Steels books, this is a stand-alone novel.

This novel tells the story of Grace, a girl who was molested by her father with her mothers approval during her teenage years. On the night of her mothers funeral, Grace has finally had enough, and while attempting to fend him off she accidentally shoots and kills him.

She serves her time in prison, and once released starts to donate her time to assisting battered women. Eventually she meets someone who doesnt want anything from her Charles who only wants to help her help herself. They fall in love and marry, and have several children before her past threatens to reemerge, impacting everything they had created and been working toward.

Steel is a New York Times and international bestselling author. She is the standard-bearer for romance novels, and one of the worlds leading authors in ANY genre.

Why It's On the List This is a tremendously engaging novel which delves into the shattering of innocence, and the ability to overcome intense trauma and move past it to find a love which has real meaning. Steel has an ability to write powerful characters, and she has a tremendous respect for the women she creates.

Read if you like: contemporary romance; romantic-suspense

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This novel was originally published as a serial, and then finally published as a single novel. It tells the story of Charisse, who is still struggling after a miscarriage the previous year, and Conor, who is still recovering from the death of his wife three years earlier. Through a series of misfortunes they end up in one anothers lives, and neither will ever be the same.

Aster makes me laugh not her novel, HER! Her website heralds Romance for Grown-Ass Women and pretty much, thats what you get! She prides herself on getting coffeed up (okay, mochad up), writing as much as she can as fast as she can, and then thinking about it until the next day. Its not the formula one might expect, but it sure seems to work here!

Why It's On the List

Its different, engaging and fun. It makes you love the heroine and want to kill the hero literally. In other words, it makes you care about the characters and what happens to them. Based on the classic Beauty and the Beast, this one features a beast we love to hate, in the form of Conor, and a beauty who isnt so sure of what she brings to the equation. Conor pushes both Charisse and the reader to their limits, all while uncovering some serious personal issues that each is dealing with, and leading to an incredibly fulfilling conclusion.

Read if you like: contemporary romance; alpha romance; well-developed situations and dialogue; interesting and challenging characters

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This is a stand-alone novel that tells the story of good-girl Lauren and bad-boy Michael who, after a chance encounter, end up the unlikeliest of friends. And then, one afternoon, a little more than friends. And then its over.

Eight years later Lauren is working at a daycare she has never married, and really never moved on from her feelings for Michael. And all of the sudden there he is, with his adorable daughter. Lauren swears she will keep her distance, but as we all know, saying it is a lot easier than doing it.

This was Glenns first novel, and it really does put a nice spin on the good girl-bad boy relationship.

Why It's On the List

Its a fun read. I always enjoy the good-girl-redeems-bad-boy stories, but this one does have an interesting twist, and the ending is so satisfying that youll be wiping your tears with a big smile on your face!

Read if you like: young adult romance, second-chance romance

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This novel tells the story of Nastya and Josh two deeply damaged and troubled teens who only find solace and comfort in one another. She was a budding pianist who has lost the use of her left hand, and he has lost his whole family to death. They have both shut down, but around one another start to find the hope to face the future again.

This is Millays first novel, and wow what a debut. She won several awards for this novel, including the 2013 School Library Best Book Award and the American Library Associations Alex Award.

Why It's On the List There are so many adjectives to describe this book: emotional, heartfelt, heartrending, passionate, compassionate, devastating, awakening, enticing, enthralling, and they all work.

Its an incredibly beautiful story to read. The characters are well thought out, and are, themselves, quite thoughtful you can actually see them falling in love over the course of the book, which doesnt always happen so smoothly. The characters are smart and snarky, withdrawn and sullen, and absolutely perfect for one another.

Read if you like: young adult romance; second-chance romance; beautifully written and well-developed characters

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This is another novel which tells the good girl-bad boy saga; another novel with a tragedy that forces the young couple apart; another novel that leaves the heroine pregnant AFTER the hero takes off for parts unknown; another novel that brings the hero back to town as soon as the heroine is finally starting to right herself again; another novel which tells the same story we have read a thousand times (ten thousand times??), and yet, somehow this one is so much better!!

Allred is a bestselling author who has won several significant awards, including Best Book of the Year in 2005 by Romance Reviews Today. Interestingly, she also likes to write science fiction.

Why It's On the List This novel really does have the same plotline as numerous other novels, but there is something so authentic in how Allred writes the characters, it draws us right in anyhow! In this story we meet Alix and Nick the stereotypical good girl-bad boy, but they are presented as real and compelling, and as a couple which makes us cheer for them to be together. We are definitely rooting for them by the end!

Read if you like: contemporary romance; second-chance romance; childhood romance; realistic Alpha romance

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This novel might be one of the most moving love stories of all time, raising the bar for all relationships everywhere. Telling the story of Oliver, a hot shot wealthy jock headed to Harvard, and Jenny, a brilliant working class musician on her way to Radcliffe, this is the novel that proved that love really can change everything. The characters act how people in real life act they are funny, they have flaws, they dont always say the right thing, and in the end, they are both achingly human. Segal is one of the single most well-educated romance authors ever, having graduated from Harvard, and having taught English and Greek literature at Harvard, Yale and Princeton ohand for a spell at Oxford. The amazing thing here is the incredibly down to earth story he shapes and, of course, writes beautifully. This novel was turned into an Academy Award winning movie, for which Segal wrote the screenplay.

Why It's On the List I know, I knowhe went on to write Olivers Story later but this novel is really a cannot miss novel which stands just fine on its own two feet. If anything, the sequel detracts from the beauty of this story which might serve as a reminder to some authors to just leave well enough alone!

Read if you like: contemporary romance even though it was written in 1970, it still stands up well today; young adult romance

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This book is hot it tells the story of Elena and Conrad and all the fun and interesting things they do together. What starts off as a blind date (with someone she met on a dating site) starts heading south quickly, and Conrad swoops in to rescue Elena (yes, he literally swoops in).

But thats not completely fair, since this really does tell the story of triumph over circumstances Elena is used to giving in in order to get along, and as the novel develops, so does Elenas confidence. And, again to be fair, Conrad is in some ways the stereotypical alpha male, but in other ways he is developed as a complex, caring character who does seem, amidst all his secrets, to want to do right by Elena. So, this novel does give some interesting character development amidst the sheets that combine for a thoughtful story.

Carver is a UK bestselling author, and is a man. I dont know why thats a big deal, but somehow it feels like one since he kind of gets women.

Why It's On the List

This novel is touted as erotic fiction but there isnt really anything out of the ordinary here yes, a lot of sex in a lot of places, but nothing kinky or untoward. Or perhaps I just expect different things out of the term erotic.

Read if you like: contemporary romance; erotic-but not really romance; a lot of sexual situations in a lot of unusual places some realistic, and some not so much; well-developed and interesting characters

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Dont let the title fool you - this novel is a true tearjerker mostly in a good way. It tells the story of two teens, Monroe and Nate, who experience similar (but separate) tragedies and are both sent away by their families for the summer in order to start to heal. Their coming together is full of roadblocks, some self-imposed and others situational, but when they finally do, it is sweet and satisfying and intense and somewhat overwhelming.

Stone is a USA Today bestselling author who won the RITA award for this book, and had two other novels which were featured as starred reviews by both Booklist and Publishers Weekly.

Why It's On the List

This novel won the RITA (Romance Writers of America) award for Best Young Adult Romance Novel. Its an absorbing hard to put it down read. Monroe and Nate are both suffering and struggling to regain some semblance of normalcy, and their relationship does not develop overnight they have to work for it.

Read if you like: young adult romance; touching situations and dialogue; well-developed characters and relationships

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