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Top 25 Vampire Romance Books

Best Vampire Romance Books

It's what's for dinner!

Seriously, despite the complaints that paranormal and/or romance novels are not "real" literature, the popularity of vampire books in general, and vampire romance in particular, has never been hotter than it is right now. If you don't believe me, just look at all the books, television shows and movies dedicated to just this genre! Although "Twilight" and its ilk are behind us by over a decade, the thirst (pun-intended) for this genre continues to grow.

As with any genre, there are the good, the bad and the ugly – and even the VERY ugly – but, quite honestly, most of the "formula" for these books works well from book to book and author to author, and it is the creation of interesting situations and characters – as with any other book – that makes it readable, if not always believable.

It's our goal to help you sort through the riff-raff out there, and find the best vampire romance novels for your reading pleasure. Some are incredibly dark and intense, and others have a great sense of humor and some laugh out loud moments, so you will have a variety of tones and settings to choose from. A lot of the books on this list are part of a series (usually book 1), so if you like it you have other books you can readily add to your reading list. Some of these books are published traditionally and others are self-published, some are available in paper format (both hardback and paperback) and others are only available electronically – but with millions of readers worldwide and over 40 languages to choose from, chances are very good that you will find at least one to sink your teeth into (sorry, couldn't resist)!

Happy reading!

For me, this is where it all started despite what some of the other sites (and readers) will say. This is THE BOOK that put mainstream vampire romance on the map it features the "vampire with a heart of gold" to literally introduce the world to a new genre of fiction: Young Adult (YA) and what this novel proved is that you don't have to be a young adult in order to enjoy it.

Reaching #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List in 2005, named one of the Best Children's Books by Publisher's Weekly that same year and winning 30 additional awards, this novel was read by children and parents alike.

Why It's On the List I'm not sure "the List" would even exist without this novel! The "Twilight" series has sold over 100 million books worldwide in 37 different languages. It has actually sold more copies than "Harry Potter!"

It tells the story of a rich, sparkly, gorgeous vampire who loves his family and doesn't want to be "bad." Who could want any more? It tells an engaging story about a vampire who falls in love with a human, and the steps he will take to protect her even as she loves him back and discovers his true nature. There are some funny moments like the fact that she is afraid of blood and seems to be the most uncoordinated person to ever walk the earth and some intense moments like when she is kidnapped as part of a game by a more "traditional" vampire but at its core this book has a real heart.

The novel develops its story amidst real situations no alternate universes here and with real characters who have actual jobs, attend school, etc. It is a novel that I literally could not put down once I started reading itno, seriously, I actually had to take off work the next day since I stayed up until 5am reading it!

Read if you like:vampire romance; down to earth, everyday dialogue and situations; a little danger; likable and relatable characters

Books in Twilight Series (4)

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Tired of vampires who feel badly about themselves? Sick of the "do-gooder" vampires? Wish your own dreams of hot men in the night could become reality? If "Twilight" wasn't really your speed then J.R. Ward's "Dark Lover" is the novel for you. It is hot, hot, hot, and is bound to leave you wanting more which is good since there are 14 more novels for you to read after this one, and over 20 possible languages to read it in!

Ward is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, and this novel started it all. It is about murder and betrayal, loss and love, revenge and redemption all wrapped up in one incredibly hot package.

Why It's On the List Vampires, romance and mystery what else do you need? Called "creative, dark, violent and flat out amazing" by All About Romance, you are guaranteed to "lose yourself in this world." The story and plot are exceptionally well written and the characters are incredibly engaging. This vampire romance book with its nearly 10,000 reviews is a DEFINITELY READ NOW kind of book. 

This novel is intense, with situations that will literally have you reading faster and faster to see what happens next. It isn't cheeky or cute, there is no "woe is me, I'm a vampire" hero here.  Instead this novel delivers punch and passion, with some incredibly hot scenes between the main characters.

Read if you like: vampire romance, intense situations and even more intense heroes, suspense, engaging characters, HOT romance

Books in Black Dagger Bro... Series (15)

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This is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series, and the series is the basis for the True Blood television series. This novel is about a telepathic small town cocktail waitress, Sookie, whose boyfriend is a vampire. Vampires are normal in Sookies world since the invention of a synthetic blood means that they dont have to feed on humans anymore. This novel is laugh out loud funnytruly hilarious in some sections. Its also a murder mystery, which is well written and interesting.

Harris is a New York Times bestselling author who won several awards for this book: Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel, the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Mystery, the Dilys Award for best novel from the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association, the Goodreads Choice Award for Favorite Book and the Goodreads Choice Award All-Time Favorite.

Why It's On the List Its a fun, engaging, cant put it down read. The characters are fun and relatable, and the mystery is interesting and well-developed.


Read if you like:vampire romance; fun situations and dialogue; well-developed and likable characters

Books in Sookie Stackhous... Series (13)

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Got a thing for vampires? Turned on by powerful, rich guys with a heart? You can check off both boxes with Kerrelyn Spark's 'How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire' -- one of the funniest, hottest vampire romance novels out there.

Since the release of Twilight in 2005, it seems like every other romance novel that is released is about the good vampire, the vampire who protects and cherishes even as he fights against the baser instincts that drive his bloodlust. This novel follows along the Twilight trend, with some unique twists and turns along the way. The first book in the Love at Stake series, which hit number 5 on the New York Times bestseller list, this is a vampire romance novel that you can really sink your teeth into or perhaps that should be tooth, since our hero lost one of his from lack of use and he needs a dentist quickly, or he will be left with only one fang forever. 

Why It's On the List A rich vampire who used to be a priest. Seriously. Besides the fact that about a million (3.6 million, according to the New York Times Bestsellers list) women will just about donate both kidneys for a chance to read an advanced copy of each new book released. Oh yeah, and the story and plot (arguably two things that are often left by the wayside in the romance genre) are fantastic. That makes this one of the best vampire romance books out there and a MUST read. 

There is something to be said for a vampire romance novel that makes you laugh and this novel truly does. The elements are put together with a tongue-in-cheek perspective that really does feature some hilariously funny scenes, although some of it is a little goofy, too. Unlike some of the novels in this genre, it definitely doesnt take itself too seriously. What it does have is all the things we love in paranormal romance with a little suspense thrown in, and some truly enjoyable scenes that make the characters matter.

Read if you like: vampire romance, humorous dialogue and situations (but dont mind some dumb jokes), a little suspense, likable characters

Books in Love at Stake Series (17)

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This is the third book in the Argeneau series about a family of vampires and, as they say, the third times the charm! Where the two earlier books in this series were a little heavy on cute and had almost too much focus on relationship development, this one is a perfect balance of love and fun. The story is told from the perspective of a paranormal romance writer who happens to be a vampire essentially writing his family history in his novels, and desperately trying to avoid having to make any personal appearances to promote his books.

Sands is a New York Times bestselling author who was nominated for the Romantic Times Best Paranormal Romance Award, and this book is listed as one of the all-time Favorite Funnies on the All About Romance website.

Why It's On the List Its a fun, light read. No doom and gloomno eerie supernatural forces at workjust a family of vampires trying to make their way in the world.

This novel is about a reclusive vampire who is also a paranormal romance writer whose editor arrives unexpectedly to drag him off to do some publicity. There are a lot of funny moments and a lot of hot sex.


Read if you like: vampire romance; fun situations and dialogue; family relationships; well-developed and likable characters

Books in Argeneau Series (27)

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This novel is the first in the Dark Hunters series. It tells the story of a young woman a do-gooder who is just trying to help out her sister when she finds herself knocked out and handcuffed to one of the most dangerous and sexy vampires in the history of dangerous, sexy vampires. Of course, she is confused by his determination to stay away from her at all costs. He tries hard to avoid her, but she keeps getting herself in trouble. If she cant protect herself, he is just going to have to do it himself.

Kenyon has topped the New York Times bestseller list numerous times, and this series became a #1 international best-seller.

Why It's On the List One of the hottest vampire romance novels of all time, how could it NOT be on the list? Plus, Kenyon creates a compelling series here,

Read if you like: HOT romance; intense situations and dialogue; compelling and complex characters

Books in Dark-Hunterverse Series (29)

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This is the first book in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, which contains both traditional and graphic novels and comics. This novel is a cool twist on the genre, predating what we now think of as vampire romance. It was originally classified as horror and mystery, but given the current genre, it definitely fits right in! It features a strong, confident female in the lead role she is a vampire hunter who is willing to also protect vampires when they are being killed for no reason.

Hamilton is a New York Times bestselling author and an award winning author, winning Sapphire Awards in 1997, 1998 and 1999; she also won a Locus Award in 2001, and the James Tiptree Jr Memorial Award which is awarded to a science fiction or fantasy novel that fully develops the roles for both male and female characters.

Why It's On the List It has a great mix of characters a 1000 year old vampire (Nikolaos) who looks like a 13-year old girl, a confident and competent vampire hunter (Anita) with a conscience and, of course, a HOT modern and romantic vampire (Jean-Claude) who finds Anita irresistible. There are some fun, quirky situations the Supreme Court has given vampires equal rights, and for the most part they just fit right into normal society. There is also a mystery to solvethere is a serial killer who is killing vampires for no reason.


Read if you like: vampire romance; intense situations and dialogue; mysteries; intriguing characters

Books in Anita Blake, Vam... Series (25)

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This is the first book in a series of five vampire-based romantic-fantasy novels. The story involves a girl, Bianca, whose parents take positions as teachers at Evernight Academy, which secretly harbors vampires. Bianca (spoiler alert), whose parents are both vampires, is a half vampire (although this doesnt come out right away). She is enrolled at the school to learn how to better become a full vampire, but she doesnt feel like she really fits in. She ends up meeting Lucas, a human, who also doesnt fit in and it turns out that he comes from a long line of vampire hunters. It seems that their destined to be together relationship might not last very long.

Claudia Gray is a pseudonym for Amy Vincent.  She is a bestselling author, and this novel was a finalist for the Cybil Award in 2008.

Why It's On the List Its a fun read. It features the very popular teen vampire set gorgeous and untouchable as well as characters that just dont seem to fit in very well like the lives of most of us. It involves the usual teenage relationship angst, is a little awkward (just like regular teens are) and is quite easy to get into and enjoy.


Read if you like: teenage vampire romance; relatable situations and dialogue; family relationships; well-developed and likable characters

Books in Evernight Series (5)

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If the title sounds familiar its because it was released as a movie in 2014. HINT: The book is better! This is the first book in the Vampire Academy series about a 17-year old girl, Rose, whose parents are a vampire and a human. She is responsible for protecting her best friend, a full vampire. After being on the run for two years, they have been returned to the school which threatens to destroy them both.

Mead is a New York Times bestselling author who has won (and been nominated for) numerous awards. Several of her awards include Honorable Mention PEARL Awards (2009), Winner Teen Read Awards (2010), Winner Goodreads Choice Awards as Author (2010), Winner Goodreads Best Graphic Novel (2011) and others.

Why It's On the List Its a really intense read. It incorporates a LOT of background research into central European folklore and religion, and while it involves teens, it is MUCH deeper than Twilight and all of the other books on this list featuring teenagers. There is also an intriguing mystery to be solved, some serious situations and graphic violence, and a lot of sexual tension between Rose and her teacher, Dimitri.


Read if you like: vampire romance; intense situations and dialogue; positive friendships; well-developed and intriguing characters

Books in Vampire Academy Series (6)

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This is the first book in a trilogy which is a true throwback to the times of gothic horror and romance. Madeline is invited to stay at Ravens Deep, an old home on the English coast. She soon finds herself involved with Darius, and all the evil that he brings with him into the world. He is bad for her terrible for her, in fact but she cannot stop thinking about him even when he sends her back to London.

Jordan is as enigmatic as her novelsthere is very little information about her, other than that she was born in England and now lives in Sarasota, FL. She is a regular goodreads author, but beyond that, there is not much to be found about this author.

Why It's On the List This novel is the complete opposite of a fun, light read. It is brooding, it is dangerous and it plays with your mind. It is introspective about the choices that people make in relationships that might not be healthy for them. It questions the limits of true love and, some have even suggested, abuse.


Read if you like: vampire romance; incredibly intense situations and dialogue; complicated relationships; well-developed and misunderstood characters

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This is the first book in the five book Immortality Bites series. It tells the story of a young woman, Sarah, who goes on a blind date, is bitten, wakes up while being buried, sees her date killed by a vampire hunter, realizes she is now a vampire who has no idea what she is doing and she needs to figure things out quickly!

Rowen is abestselling author who has won several awards, including the 2009 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for vampire romance.

Why It's On the List Its a fun, light read, which you will desperately need if you are reading this list in order and just finished Ravens Deep. Sarah, the main character, has been compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in reverse. She is a little bit of a ditz, but in a very endearing way, and her relationships with the other characters in the novel sparkle.

There is a LOT of humor in this book, and several laugh-out-loud scenes that will stick with you long after you are done reading the book.


Read if you like: vampire romance; fun situations and dialogue; funny and enjoyable characters if you like intense, dark and brooding this is definitely not the book for you!

Books in Immortality Bite... Series (9)

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This is a somewhat unique vampire romance in that it is for now a stand-alone novel! It tells the story of Jessica (Jess), a vampire who has a hilarious soundtrack in her head with which the reader participates. Named after the drug that keeps her alive and functioning, this novel creates interesting relationships and challenges that are relatively unique in the world of vampire romance.

Chancellor jokes that she won the Young Georgia Writers Award when she was 7and that was it. She didnt major in English (she actually majored in psychology), but is committed to understanding why her characters do what they do. She has a loyal fan base, and is an intelligent writer dedicated to extending her hand to other authors, and not pulling the ladder up behind her.


Why It's On the List The main character has quite a bit of attitude, and isnt afraid to share it! Her perspectives on the events that are unfolding around her as her world and life are threatened are both interesting and engaging. She definitely gives as good as she gets!

The characters in the novel are well rounded, relatable and appealing, and the relationships between them are well developed and enticing.

Read if you like: vampire romance triangle; intriguing situations and dialogue; first person narration; a little snark with your attitude!

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Another stand-alone novel, this one tells the story of a vampire-obsessed 16 year old (Lucy) who has decided that vampires were the first diabetics. Since she is diabetic, she determines that she must also be a vampire. She enters a chatroom with another self-proclaimed vampire, who encourages her beliefs. She begins to withdraw from the real world and when her family removes her computer she decides that she needs to explore her theory in person. Of course, in deciding to declare her independence, there are almost catastrophic consequences both physically and emotionally.

Hautman, himself a diabetic, is a best-selling author who has won several awards, including the LA Times Book Prize for Young Adult Literature (2011), the National Book Award for Young Peoples Literature (2004) and the Minnesota Book Award in 2004 for this book.

Why It's On the List Its always interesting when adult men try to write books from the perspective of teenage girlsbut here, it actually works. Hautman was able to use his personal experiences with diabetes to inform his dialogue and the inner thoughts of Lucy, who is as compelling as she is confused.

While this novel is a little low on the romance, it is still definitely there, and very sweet as it develops.


Read if you like: vampires; unique situations and dialogue; family relationships; well-developed and thoughtful characters

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This is the first book in the Elemental Mysteries series, and tells the story of a historian/vampire (Giovanni), a student librarian (Beatrice) and their love of historical manuscripts and each other. The relationship builds slowly and steadily (no explosive sex scenes here), but their intellectual coming together is just as poignant since they cannot act on their physical love for one another.

Hunter is a prolific writer, having written not only the Elemental Mysteries series, but also the Elemental World series, the Elemental Legacy series, the Cambio Springs mysteries and the Irin Chronicles.

Why It's On the List This is an indie-published book good for her! Also, these characters are smart there is something compelling about a book which focuses on a historical document, and of the characters shared love of history. Their relationship emphasizes both commitment and noble intentions, incorporates respect between the characters (kind of a novelty in many books these days) and the characters stay true to themselves throughout how refreshing!


Read if you like: a little romance (definitely more intellectual than physical); have an appreciation for history; like well-developed relationships and likable characters

Books in Elemental Myster... Series (4)

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This is the first book in the six book Blackthorn Dark Paranormal Romance series. It tells the story of Caitlin Parish, a Vampire Control Unit agent, whose job is to hunt down a bloodthirsty vampire, Kane, who has never been caught. There is an interesting twist in that while she is hunting him, she also needs his help in order to survive.

Pryor is a #1 internationalbestselling author who has been nominated for multiple awards, including GraveTells Readers Choice Awards and New Voices, and won the Best Paranormal Romance prize in 2014 from the Moonrise Book Blog Readers Choice Awards.

Why It's On the List Its an interesting approach to vampire romance both characters are definitely going into the physical relationship with their eyes wide open they both need something from the other. There is a lot of sexual tension in this novel, and some pretty hot scenes.

Yes, the names are a little obvious (Kane?? Please), but the novel is pretty hot, and its nice to finally have a vampire who acts his ageor at least acts like an adult and not a child.


Read if you like: vampire romance; intense situations and dialogue; well-developed and intriguing characters

Books in Blackthorn Series (7)

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This is the first novel in a series of four that become the basis for the hit television show. This novel tells the story of a beautiful and popular girl, Elena, and her friends in a small town in Virginia. She seemingly has it all, but shes bored. She breaks up with her cool, popular football-playing boyfriend in search of something more. And she finds it, in the person of Stefan. Stefan, however, wants nothing to do with her. How can this be, she wonders? Doesnt he know Im beautiful and popular? Of course he does, but hes a vampire who is centuries oldand not good for her. That said, of course they fall deeply in love and then his brother, Damon, shows up. Now Elena is attracted to him, tooand there is a mystery to solve when people start turning up dead.

Smith is a New York Times bestselling author who was nominated for numerous favorite book awards for this series and her The Night World series.

Why It's On the List It couldnt NOT be on the list, given the incredible popularity of the television series. That said, there were some plot disagreements between Smith and the producers, and she was rather unceremoniously fired from the show. The first few novels do, however, make for some entertaining reading, although the first novel ends in a cliffhanger so you will be rushing out to get the second one!


Read if you like: vampire romance; a lot of sex appeal; fully developed relationships; well-developed characters

Books in The Vampire Diar... Series (4)

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This is the only repeat author on this list, and it is the last book in the Twilight series. Since books two (New Moon) and three (Eclipse) dont really focus on the romance part of the relationship (except somewhat peripherally), I am not going to include those books on this list. However, with Breaking Dawn we get something interesting a continued relationship between the vampire and the human, a wedding, a CHILD and then a new vampire. I actually loved this book almost as much as the first one. I thought this novel did a great job of bringing all of the relationships full circle for me. A lot of this book is internal in the minds of the characters so not a lot of action, but in my opinion, not much is needed. Some have complained that everybody gets what they want, and that there isnt enough crisis, but for an incurable romantic thats EXACTLY how it should be!

Meyer is a New York Times #1 bestselling author who was nominated for numerous awards for her Twilight series, including a New York Times Editors Choice Award, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year Award, an American Library Association Award, the Galaxy Award, the British Book Award and many more!


Why It's On the List Pure and simple: I like closure and happy endings, and this book delivers! People who didnt like the first books would never like the last one so I have to wonder why they bothered reading them all in the first place! There is a legitimate Didnt she have an editor to proofread this novel??!!?? complaint here but dont let spelling and grammar get in the way of your enjoyment.


Read if you like: vampire romance; interesting situations (a vampire birth by a human??) and dialogue; respectful and committed family relationships; well-developed and likable characters; closure; a happy ending!

Books in Twilight Series (4)

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This is the first book in the Southern series. It is actually about two humans who end up fighting against vampires, or at least vampire-like creatures. It is an engaging read, and since it involves a Navy SEAL, I was all in on this one! Chandler is mourning the deaths of her parents when she moves from Texas to Louisiana. Her uncle helps her get into school and she buys an old house she needs to fix up. When her hot neighbor, Banton, knocks on the door in search of his dog, a friendship/relationship is born. He and his friend move in with her and they start rehabbing the house, they discover a lot of old history, both other-worldly and also very real and dangerous. The story moves from Texas to Baton Rouge to New Orleans, and is pretty intriguing in its explorations!

Stringer is a writer who started writing because of a bet. Her friend bet her that she could write a better love scene than the one they were currently reading, and she has been writing ever since!

Why It's On the List Its a fun read. The characters are unique and interesting, and seem real (even the supernatural ones)! The relationship between Chandler and Banton is important to the plot, but there are definitely other relationships developed in this novel which make it pretty well-rounded.


Read if you like: vampires (both good and bad); romance; engaging situations and dialogue; secondary relationships; well-developed and likable characters

Books in Southern Series (3)

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This is the second book in the Vampire Chronicles series, following the popular Interview with a Vampire written in 1976. It is not a vampire romance so much as a romance with vampires, which is why it is so far down on this list, and yet the list would not be complete without its inclusion. This novel tells the story of Lestat, starting with his youth, and moving into the present day of 1980s excess. He is a perfect balance of good and evil, right and wrong, past and present. This is by far one of the most enduring and beautifully written vampire novels of all time.

Rice is a #1 New York Times bestselling author who has won numerous awards, including the Bram Stoker Award for Horror, the World Horror Grandmaster Award for outstanding contributions to the genre, the World Fantasy Award, several Locus Awards, and on and on and on. She is a true rock star of the vampire genre.

Why It's On the List As mentioned above, although it is not a traditional vampire romance, Lestat is a true romantic hero and cannot be ignored.


Read if you like: vampires; incredibly well written fiction; glamour; some romance; well-developed and intriguing characters

Books in The Vampire Chro... Series (12)

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This is the first book in the for now two-book series about a girl, Arianna (Ari), who is only 18 when her mother makes a deal with the devil literallya blood-sucking vampire-esque demon/devil. Ari finds her entire life turned upside down as she races to save her mothers life, and, in exchange, finds herself dedicating herself to the princes of hell, agreeing to marry one of them and promising to provide an heir.

Karpov Kinrade is actually a husband and wife writing team (she is Kinrade, he is Karpov). They also write romance and suspense under the pen name Alex Lux. They are USA Today bestselling authors who have written over 30 books, including several series.


Why It's On the List Its a cool approach to a somewhat traditional story. When she agrees to marry one of the princes of hell, Ari has to pick between the seven deadly sins (each of them represents one she ends up choosing the prince of war). She is also smart and brave, and open to new experiences. The novel itself also introduces strong, positive LGBTQ characters who are both confident and competent. Its fun to see how she navigates her new world, all while being true to herself (and her mother).


Read if you like: vampire and devil and demon romance; interesting situations and dialogue; close family relationships; well-rounded and thoughtful characters

Books in Vampire Girl Series (3)

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This stand-alone novel is about 16-year-old Zoe whose mother is dying of cancer and whose father is shutting her out of his life as he deals with his own issues. Oh, and her best friend is moving away. She is truly all alone, until she meets the mysterious and ethereal Simon. Simon is on his own quest to resolve grief (his is more than 300 years old), and together he and Zoe set out to find some relief from the pain they are both suffering.

This was Klauss first book, and it was nominated for a Locus Award for Best First Novel.

Why It's On the List Its a fun, engaging read. It has a lot of action, but also focuses on the very real relationships between people who have real problems, and it explores the depths of grief and mourning in a very thoughtful way. That said, its still a novel about positive relationships, triumphing over adversity and young love.


Read if you like: vampire romance; situations and dialogue which are underscored by real life events and family relationships; well-developed and relatable characters

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This is the first book in a two-book series. It tells the tongue-in-cheek story of Jessica, a slightly nerdy math whiz who finds out at the age of 17 that she was betrothed to a vampire as an infant. When her adoptive parents confirm that her birth parents did indeed claim to be vampires, her whole world turns upside down. Jessica is funny, frank and determined to not do anything without completely thinking it through. Her betrothed Lucius, however, is worried about the impact on eternity if he fails in his attempt to woo her.

Fantaskey is a bestselling author who has won several awards, including the 2010 Carolyn W. Field Award for this novel, and she is also the recipient of a commendation for the 2015 Tayshas Reading Award, a commendation for the 2015 Texas Lone Star Reading List, and she was a 2016 Beehive Award nominee.


Why It's On the List Its a fun, light read. Jessica is such a real, everyday heroine that if we dont see her in ourselves, we see her in one of our friends. She could literally be someone that every one of us knows the responsible babysitter, the math team competitor, the lover of facts, typical, normal. Even the way she handles the mind-blowing news about her past/upbringing is precise, thoughtful, considered. Its hilarious.


Read if you like: vampire romance; fun (and funny) situations and dialogue; enjoyable and likable characters

Books in Jessica Series (2)

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This is the first book in the Half-Moon Hollow series. This novel tells the story of Iris, a vampire concierge (she runs all the errands they cannot do during the day). She has very strict no fraternization rules which keep her, and her business, safe and running smoothly. But when she finds her newest and hottest - client poisoned and he begs for her help, her very strict rules are tested, as is her self-identified Good Samaritan complex.

Harper is a bestselling author who has won Top Picks honors for several of her novels by the Romantic Times. She has also won recognition from Publishers Weekly and USA Today.

Why It's On the List Its a really fun read that doesnt take itself too seriously and has some really hot sex scenes. The novels plot introduces a mystery to be solved, but mostly the focus is on the relationship between the moody vampire and the nice girl.


Read if you like: vampire romance; witty situations and dialogue; nice girls who get the guy; some hot sex scenes

Books in Half-Moon Hollow Series (6)

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I am loathe to include this book on this list since this series currently has 32 different novels in it. They are divided into three different groupings, but it is still such an undertaking to even think about reading all of these novels. That said, this is an incredibly well done book, and can stand alone (or can at least stand with the other six books in its own grouping). This book tells the story of 17-year old Sofia who is kidnapped one night as she is walking on the beach. She is taken to a remote island where she is chosen from among hundreds to be a special gift for the covens leader, Derek. She quickly realizes that her only chance at survival is to make herself valuable while looking for her chance to escape she didnt consider the feelings she would develop for Derek, or the fact that her best friend was also kidnapped while searching for her and is currently being held captive by Dereks sister.

Forrest has sold over a million copies of her A Shade of Vampire series, and she stands as a fantastic example of the impact that self-publishing can have when it is done well!

Why It's On the List Its an intense, dark story which is told in a unique setting. It develops the relatively numerous characters pretty quickly, but we still feel like we know them pretty well. The use of personal narrative also helps to draw us into both perspectives both Sofia and Derek tell their stories in first person.


Read if you like: vampire romance; intense and dark situations and dialogue; the development of relationships; well-developed characters; first person narrative

Books in A Shade of Vampi... Series (38)

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