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The Rock Star Romance Genre

What is the Rock Star Romance Genre?

The Rock Star genre is just as titillating as the athlete genre – there is something about the lifestyle these characters lead that is really appealing and attractive. They usually feature an intriguing combination of “taming the bad boy” and “living the millionaire life” which appeals to a large segment of romance readers. Like athletes, they have a special talent that really draws us in and makes for a good read.

What to Expect in the Rock Star Romance Genre

  • Sex and rock and roll (honestly, not many “drugs” in the formula in these novels)

  • Fame

  • Life on the road

  • One night stands (and a lot of them!)

Rock Star Romance Characteristics

  • Level of Angst

    The level of angst in this genre is low, and we know exactly how the story will play out. The hero is focused on his music and his band (and himself) and is interested in having a good time; the heroine knows that he won’t be able to commit since he lives life on the road and often hops from bed to bed and she knows she will get her heart broken; something occurs to make him realize he loves her; she still isn’t convinced, but in the end they decide to be together.

  • Character Development

    Rock stars live a fascinating life. As with the “athlete” genre, there is something compelling about these characters as we substitute the heroes in the novels with stars we know in “real life.”

  • Plot Strength

    The plot strength is usually pretty good in these novels. There are literally innumerable situations which can arise with these heroes, so there is a lot of creativity with the situations which the authors can adopt to make for an engaging story.

  • Romantic Tension

    The level of romantic tension is pretty low in this genre. As with most romance novels, we know how it will end, but so many of the heroines in this genre end up throwing themselves at the heroes there is little doubt that they will eventually be successful.

  • Level of Eros

    High. There is an undeniable sex appeal for the hot, talented rock star…and there is always more that pulses in these novels than just the music!

  • Prose Quality

    The prose quality in this genre is, sadly, often pretty weak. Most of these novels are pretty stereotypical in terms of their depictions of the music world, so as appealing as the lifestyle is and as “cool” as it would be to be with these bad boy rock stars, there is little development beyond the obvious for a large majority of the novels in this genre.

Related Romance Subgenres



  • The subgenres for this genre include “millionaire/billionaire” since many of the rock stars have a lot of money, “athletes” since they also have a natural gift (and have women throwing themselves at them), and “alpha” since they are used to getting what they want whenever they want it.

Rock Star Romance isn't for you if

You don’t like rock-and-roll. You like relationships that are focused on/limited to a single relationship. You prefer the hero who is a “rescuer”.

Rock Star Romance is totally for you if

You like the heroine to be the pursuer, and you are turned on by one night stands. You like exotic locales, a lot of sex scenes – this genre has a LOT of them in most of the novels, and not always between the hero and the heroine

Popular Rock Star Romance Books
  • 1 Backstage Pass (2010)

    By Olivia Cunning. Is the story of a psychologist who goes on tour with a band to understand groupie behaviors. All of the band members hit on her, although she is only interested in one of them…and he seems to have lost his song until he spends a night in her bed.

  • 2 Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star (2011)

    By Heather Lynn Rigaud. Finds that two rock stars are hotter than one. Searching for a new opening act, Darcy meets his match – both on stage and in bed.

  • 3 Rock Addiction (2014)

    By Nalini Singh. Tells of a one night stand which becomes a one month fling, and might become a lot more if she is willing to risk her “out of the spotlight” life for one right in the middle of it.

  • 4 Maybe Someday (2014)

    By Colleen Hoover. Is the story of the “next door” rock star, whose ways of playing his guitar on the balcony next door speak to the heroine. After her world is upended by her cheating fiancée, she decides to take a chance she never expected to take, with a man she never expected to know.

  • 5 Play (2014)

    By Kylie Scott. Tells the story of the wild, bad boy rocker who needs to find a good girl – and fast. What he didn’t count on was that his “good girl” might also be his “right girl.” Only time will tell.

  • 6 The Mighty Storm (2013)

    By Samantha Towle. Is the book of the one that got away and then comes back as the biggest rock superstar in the world. The heroine is determined not to let her past interfere with her present (and hopefully her future), but the opportunity of a lifetime threatens to change her world in ways she never expected.

  • 7 Rock My Bed (2013)

    By Michelle Valentine. Is about a woman who has it all except for good sense when it comes to men. After a hot fling with an even hotter rock star, she leaves him before he can leave her. Forced together again at a friend’s wedding, the sparks continue to fly, but they also mean upsetting the rules she has carefully established for herself.

  • 8 A Stone in the Sea (2015)

    By A.L. Jackson. Tells the story of a woman who is running from a secret and the rock star who is determined to have her at any cost. Secrets and sex – a beguiling combination!

  • 9 Rock with Me (2013)

    By Kristen Proby. Is the story of a heroine who has already been in a relationship with one celebrity and she certainly isn’t looking for another one. But the hero is not used to being pushed away – what did he ever do to her anyway? – and the more she pushes him away, the more determined he is to have her.

  • 10 Torn (2013)

    By Kim Carr. Is about a couple that both have a lot of baggage in their backgrounds, and they are not sure if their love is enough to sustain them through the secrets in his past and the person in hers.